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What do Australian prisoners eat? Australia will introduce a new prison recipe. Looking at the prison’s recipes and its strict catering requirements, you know that the Australian government treats prisoners so kindly. Moreover, the police and the prisoners have the same recipe. This healthy recipe is to ensure that both the police and the prisoners are kept in an optimal condition. The main focus of the recipe is whole wheat bread, fresh fruit and low-fat dairy products. Not only is low-fat, but the diet also has a clear regulation on the salt content. In this sexual provision, it is necessary to provide the best diet for 40000 prisoners and police in prisons in the next three years.

Breads only provide the best whole wheat or high-fiber breads, while milk, cheese and yogurt are all low-fat. Fruits and vegetables must be fresh, fruit juices are unsweetened, and frozen or canned foods are low-salt. In addition to three meals a day, there are also morning and afternoon tea and supper.

The dietary rule also includes red meat at least once a week and fish meat more than twice a week. Meat and poultry should be fat and skinless. Sauces and canned food are low in salt. Use low-fat cooking techniques, including ovens, non-stick pans, and dry roasting. It is recommended that vegetable fats replace animal fats in cooking.

Sample recipes are as follows:


Whole grains – 50 grams

Reduced fat milk-250ml

Whole wheat bread/toast – 2 slices or more (including margarine, jam)

lunch dinner

Lean meat* – 65g-100G

Vegetables-at least 3 kinds, 200g (potato is recommended)

Supply bread/cereal


*Vegetarian-a substitute equivalent to 65-100g of meat:



Cheese – more than 40 grams

Dry biscuits – more than 40 grams

Morning/afternoon tea

Sweet biscuits

All meals, supper, morning tea and afternoon tea have tea/coffee/hot chocolate, milk and sugar are also included.


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