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Yesterday the Australian government announced a major policy! That is to raise the salary of minimum wage workers in Australia! Increase the legal minimum wage by 2.5% every week,This increase will increase the hourly minimum wage to A$17.29, which is 42 cents more per hour.Makes the minimum weekly salary standard reach 656.90 Australian dollars, the minimum annual salary is 3.4158 Australian dollars!

According to "smh" reports, Australia's 180 million lowest-paid workers will receive the smallest minimum wage increase of 2.5%, or an extra $16 a week, which is the first increase in recent years.

The wage increase will affect minimum wage earners and low-income cleaners, waiters, child care workers, farm and factory workers.

The federal government said that 15.7 Australians receive the minimum salary, and most Australians who receive industry salaries are not basic salary earners. Before the increase, the minimum weekly wage in Australia was 640.9 yuan, and the minimum hourly wage was 16.87 yuan.

The government claims that such a minimum salary is already the unemployment benefit: 2.5 times the Newstart Allowance (currently the Newstart Allowance is $259.6 per week), which is half of the full-time Australian average weekly salary ($1152).

The Fair Work Commission stated that the “moderate” increase was due to the decline in inflation and the historically low growth in total wages in the past 12 months.

This decision may anger national unions, who have stated that the minimum wage must be raised by $27 to stop rising inequality.

The Australian Council of Trade Unions stated in the proposal that the current minimum wage is 43% lower than the average weekly income, reaching a record low.

News compiled from "Sydney Morning Herald"


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