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The internship season, the work season is here again. Do children's shoes have any expectations for future work? The editor will show you the hottest companies in the job market in Australia this year.

LinkedIn, a professional social networking site, counts the company homepages and employee-related information of major employers, and finds the companies that graduates most want to go totop tenIncluding: RioTinto (Rio Tinto Group, one of the world’s top three iron ore giants), Google (It goes without saying that everyone knows), BHP Billiton (BHP Billiton, the world’s largest resource company, mainly engaged in oil and minerals), Microsoft (Microsoft), Leighton (Leighton Group, Australia's largest project development and contracting group), Qantas (Qantas Airlines), Apple (Apple), Chevron (Chevron, the US multinational energy company), LendLease (Lend Lease Group, Australia's largest real estate developer) and Thiess (Shers, the world's largest mining contractor). All of them are well-known companies. Does the so many energy minerals on the list mean that excavators are also very popular in Australia~


Other popular companies include Deloitte, IBM, Virgin Australia and Hewlett-Packard as well as major Australian banks. The most sought-after industries in the job market are the energy, finance and information technology sectors, followed by mining and aviation.

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After understanding the general situation, children's shoes have a look, is there any company you like in this top10? If so, go and vote for your resume!

Article reproduced from Australian Government Education Information


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