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The editor found that these years, there are really more and more small partners who need to find "work experience bonus" among independent skilled immigrants. Accounting is the first, IT is closely following, the project is lazy, and the real estate is happy. , Agriculture is in short supply...too many, beyond count~

So here comes the problem. Many small partners have a lot of problems when looking for "work experience bonus" and are full of errors and omissions. The "work experience bonus" and "employer guarantee" are naturally superimposed together, which is really dumbfounding.

Seeing that the friends are one of the first and the second big on this issue, the editor specially consulted immigration agencies to introduce these two hot immigration options in depth.

Balancing the Accounts
Option 1: "Work experience plus points"
Suitable for the crowd:
Those who have graduated and need one year of relevant work experience to meet the professional assessment of "independent skilled immigration" or immigration bonus points.


1, This experience must be closely related to the occupation applying for immigration

Immigration experts recommend:

For a simple example, if your nominated position when you apply for immigration is an accountant, but you are doing the work of a bookkeeper, then obviously it does not meet the requirement for one year of work experience. Therefore, your nominated position and work experience that needs extra points must"True to the name", You can’t "sell dog meat with a sheep's head."

2,The employer and the nominated occupation must be reasonable

Immigration experts recommend:

althoughEmployers who provide one year of work experience do not need to be reviewed by the Immigration Bureau for assets, nor do they need to apply for any qualifications, But it also needs to meet the "true name" conditions. For example, a trading company will not need engineers. Therefore, if the company that provides you with work experience does not need or cannot provide you with the job responsibilities you need, the visa officer will naturally doubt the "authenticity" of your work experience, because-this is "common sense" !

3,One year is calculated from the completion letter, and this degree needs to be related to the nominated position or meet the requirements of the evaluation agency

Immigration experts recommend:

Many people will ask, I have been working part-time during my studies, so why not count? The answer is simple. Until you successfully complete this course, the Immigration Department does not consider you a qualified worker.Competent, qualified, job readyThese concepts are more in line with Westerners’ requirements for "workers."

4,Must have worked for the employer for one year and at least 20 hours a week

Immigration experts recommend:

According to the regulations of the Immigration Bureau, the minimum working time per week for one year of work experience is 20 hours. butThis is limited to work in Australia, Don’t think that going to a foreign country to find a part time can also get through. This "20 hours" requirement is very beneficial to small partners in Australia, especially the followingTwo groups of people :

A. People who have completed a degree, are studying for another degree with a student's visa, and need one year of work experience in the previous degree to apply for immigration

B. Time wasted during the TR. People who "suddenly discovered" one year of work experience can fill themselves with immigration points. This group of people can renew a student visa to meet the requirements for extra points for work experience, and successfully apply for PR after one year

Since student visas basically have a 40-hour work limit per two weeks, for the above two types of people who need to apply for immigration, this "20-hour" minimum requirement is simply tailored for them.

5,Must be paid work with a salary higher than the minimum wage

Immigration experts recommend:

Since it is "work" experience, it is naturally different from free labor such as internships and volunteers, and wages must be paid reasonably and legally before they can be regarded as employees of the company. therefore,"Paid" is one of the criteria for measuring the "authenticity" of work experience. In addition, it is obviously illegal for wages to be lower than the minimum standard. No employer is willing to be called to drink tea by the government.Paying wages exceeding the minimum standard naturally becomes another ``implicit condition''The.

Option 2:'Employer Guarantee'
Suitable for the crowd:
  • IELTS will never take 4 or more 6s, or 
  • Never meet the independent skilled immigration standards, or
  • All colleagues inside and outside Australia who don’t want to waste time collecting immigration points


1, Employers need to meet the guarantee qualifications required by the immigration bureau

Immigration experts recommend:

The employer that meets the requirements of the immigration department must be aBusiness entities that legally operate in Australia, Such as the need to hire local employees, the need for normal business income and expenditure, etc. Although the Immigration Bureau has not announced the exact level of this turnover standard, companies with poor performance or consecutive losses are generally not eligible for guarantee. Although there are exceptions, they are not of universal significance just like newly established companies, so no specific discussion will be made here.

2, The position nominated by the employer must be reasonable and authentic

Immigration experts recommend:

To give an exaggerated example, an international trading company said that I want to sponsor a chef because the boss wants a chef to cook lunch for the employees. Such a situation cannot be reasonable. To give another exaggerated example, a restaurant with an annual turnover of only more than 20 yuan, said to pay an annual salary of 10 yuan to sponsor a chef from China, but the profit of this restaurant is less than 1 yuan a year, which must make the visa officer doubt this The authenticity of the position. therefore,The nominated position must match the business and company structureIn order to meet the requirements of rationality and authenticity.

3The background of the applicant sponsored by the employer must be reasonable and relevant to the nominated position

Immigration experts recommend:

This background includesAcademic background and/or work background, especially important in recent years. For example, a person who studies finance or is engaged in financial work suddenly applies to come to Australia to engage in marketing work. That is definitely a very strange situation, right? What's more, even if the position is the same and the industry is different, the visa officer may question or even say byebye. Therefore, this rationality and relevance are also very important.

4, Immigration Bureau has strict requirements on the annual salary of nominated positions

Immigration experts recommend:

The employer sponsored visa includes two types: 457 temporary work visa and 186/187 permanent residence visa, For the basic annual salary of 457 visa applicants, the Immigration Bureau requiresNot less than AUD 53900; While the 186/187 visa requiresCompliance with regional or industry standards.

5、The employer guarantees that you need to work for the employer for at least 2 years

Immigration experts recommend:

457The visa needs to work for the employer for at least 2 yearsWhen the two years expire, the employer can decide whether to guarantee the employee to continue to apply for the 2/186 permanent residence visa according to his own wishes. If the application is successful, the employee must continue to work for the employer for at least two years. and186/187 can work for the employer for 2 years.

Editor's summary:

In summary, the basic categories of'one year's work experience' vs.'employer guarantee' are as follows:

Work experience bonus Employer guarantee
Employer qualification Real company

Immigration Bureau does not review

Real company

Immigration review

Working Hours One year At least two years
Nature of the work Part-time at least 20 hours a week full time job
Relevance to the nominated position Closely related Closely related
Salary requirement Meet the minimum wage Meets immigration requirements

So, in a nutshell:

Can provide you with"Employer Guarantee"The place for sure Can give you"One year of work experience".


Give you out"Work experience plus points"The placeNot necessarily Can do it for you"Employer Guarantee".

As for the details and materials required for the "work experience bonus" and "employer guarantee" that meet the requirements of the Immigration Bureau, friends in need may wish to directly seek help from an immigration agency, which can help you review the information and identify pitfalls. , Allowing you to avoid detours on the road of immigration! Let professional people do professional things, this is the way for smart people to do things.

The article is reproduced from [Melbourne Australian Bridge Study and Immigration]


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