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Overseas Chinese return home without restriction

The latest data shows that the total number of overseas Chinese overseas is currently more than 6000 million, and the group of overseas Chinese professionals is close to 400 million. The industry is mainly distributed in high-tech, education, finance and other fields. They have constituted China's huge overseas talent pool and are currently an important target for China to recruit talents overseas.

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According to information released by the Ministry of Public Security, foreigners who have obtained permanent residency qualifications have no restrictions on their stay in China. They can enter and leave China with valid passports and foreign permanent residence permits, without additional visas and other procedures, and work in China is exempt. Work permits for foreigners enjoy the corresponding rights of Chinese citizens and perform corresponding obligations in terms of investment, house purchase, financial business, driver's license application, children's schooling, transportation, and accommodation registration.

Some media pointed out that China's "green card", known as the "most difficult application in the world," has lowered its profile and expanded the scope of applicants, demonstrating China's sincerity and efforts in attracting international talents. The reform of China's "green card" system is also the concern of overseas Chinese. The relaxation of the “green card” application threshold has facilitated the return of high-end Chinese talents to the country for development. At the same time, a large number of overseas Chinese groups other than “high-end talents” also hope to receive the inclusive benefits of China’s “green card” policy. Their "road back home" is smoother.

After getting the green card, I finally do not need to apply for a visa when I return to China!

After getting the green card, it is more convenient to return to China to see your family!

After getting the green card, you can send back to work in China!

After you get your green card, you can return to your home country in minutes!

After getting the green card, you can fly back to China and enjoy the food!

The realistic reason for returning home

Perhaps this is the real reason why we returned to China. "When I was young, I didn’t understand you, and I often quarreled with you; when I grew up, the distance separated us very far, and it took a long time to see you a few times; slowly, I started to understand you and I started to be afraid That never-ending time; I want to be with you a lot, watching you laugh and make you happy."

If we say that our life is only 900 months, and we can see our parents twice a month, the time we can see them will add up to only 20 months. Let's do it and cherish it.

Even if we can't go home often, we still have to call home to ask questions. Listen to the voices of your parents, tell them about your current situation, and chat with them. Do not wait for everything to become empty, in the end, empty and sad.

Several kinds of people are more promising when they return to China

1. Doctors or post-doctors, returning to China to apply for academic positions at universities, are generally better than those in the Australian academia. Australia's academics are scarce in funding, resource shortages, and threats from American and European cattle schools.

2. Foreign companies are sent to China as compradors, and their roots are still in Australia. Note that your identity as a Chinese foreigner is valuable because you still have personal and information connections with Australia.

3. Senior to senior. To be a high-level person in Australia, or to go back to China, is not a problem for these people. They use airplanes to connect the world.

4. Do business especially international traders. Relying on the understanding of the Australian and Chinese markets and policies, I will buy and sell and become my own boss.

5. Education, especially English educators. Australian background can give these people a layer of gold and share a slice of the turmoil in the English education market and the overseas study market.

6. Doctors. There is no need for doctors to travel around the world, but these people probably won't consider going back to China for development.

Several kinds of people are not very promising

1. IT technology eaters. What China does not lack is cheap labor, whether it is technical or physical. As far as IT technology is concerned, there is no shortage of talents such as senior programmers and network engineers in China. The rampant piracy makes learning the latest technology very easy, very cheap and very efficient. Inviting an IT engineer, a lot of graduates from prestigious schools, the salary requirements are not high, why bother to hire a foreign Chinese? What are your technical advantages?

2. Accounting. Australia's accounting system does not conform to China's national conditions. Returning to China is tantamount to studying in vain, and its competitiveness is not as good as that of accounting graduates from finance.

3. MBA, management, logistics and other bluffing majors. Chinese people are relatively despised of these majors, thinking that they are too "virtual" and have no real ability. Perhaps domestic foreign companies can appreciate sea turtles with these foreign diplomas.

4. Childcare, age care, nurse and the like. Too many people in the country can do these jobs. Are you willing to accept a low salary?

Other acceptable

Do engineering. Experience in engineering is very important. Whether it is urban construction, machinery, or Chinese and foreign countries.

In short, as an Australian Chinese, can you really show off in China? Not necessarily, the reason why foreigners in China are envied by ordinary people is that they have a strong home country, welfare, and high income behind them. They can be ready to return to their home country at any time. China is just a place of residence, those who envy Western life People who like foreigners on the list hope to use them as a springboard to jump to foreign countries.

As an Australian Chinese, returning to China to develop, will you still return to Australia? If you don’t return, your attractiveness will hardly exist. If you do an ordinary job with an ordinary salary, no one will look at you. In this way, your foreign status has become a hindrance to your development in China. If you have to apply for a visa, you cannot do low-paying jobs, but you cannot apply for high-paying jobs. Your child is an Australian citizen but not in him. Home country-life in Australia, etc.

The attraction of Australians

1. Convenient to travel. But how many comrades often travel abroad? Most of them are running on both sides of China and Australia. There was a vacation, not all of them went back home to see their parents. When I applied for a visa in Australia, I was a foreigner. After I naturalized Australia, I still applied for a visa when I returned to China. I was a foreigner...

2. vote. Different people have different opinions, and it may not be much fun to vote.

3. welfare? Hahaha, PR can also enjoy most benefits. As for the medical benefits, it is better to wait for death if you don't mention it.

4. Public office? Civil servants and the like are not suitable for technical comrades like me. National defense, you won’t be able to get in even if you are an Australian citizen. Being an official is no life.

Multiple choice

A. If you return to your country for development and decide not to be in Australia, it is best not to be Australian.

B. If you have stayed in Australia all the time, then PR is enough, which is convenient and easy.

C. If you want to go back to your country for development first, and then come to Australia later-if you develop well, you are unlikely to return to Australia. If the development is unhappy, you will still be unhappy when you return to Australia.

Article reprinted from Weixin News-Australia


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