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Now people all over the world know that there are native products from Turkey and Australia! Among them, honey is the golden boon of local products, a natural sweetener, and it is more nutritious and delicious than medicine. Australia and New Zealand both produce honey with many brands. How to choose a suitable honey for yourself and your relatives and friends? Let’s Eat, Let’s Make a Popular Science Honey Knowledge Bee! Bee! Bee!

Time, place, Australia:
Australia is a big honey producing country, sitting on the magical land of Oceania, warm climate and dense vegetation, suitable for growing plants from temperate to tropical zone, various flowers for bees to gather, and excellent brewing conditions. In addition, Australia's climate is warm all year round and flowers bloom, so honey is not classified by season, but by source. Coupled with the leading bee factory equipment, closed high-yield and complete supervision system, the quality and price of Australian honey are favored by everyone.

Capilano Pure Australian Honey

Capilano is the most common honey brand on the shelves of Australian supermarkets. It has been established for more than 55 years and belongs to the type of family sharing. The brand has very strict quality and sanitary control of the mixed honey. The packaging is convenient. It does not contain any additives other than honey. It has a golden color and a light taste. It is very suitable for drinking honey or daily consumption.

Beechworth Honey

One of Australia's famous honey brands, founded in 1880. The brand's nectar source is mainly from eucalyptus forest, so it has a delicate taste and rich aroma. Among them, there are about 80% sugar (mainly fructose, glucose and sucrose), 17% water, and rich vitamins and minerals. It is a high-quality natural sweetener and energy source and is easily absorbed by the body.
Pure Peninsula Honey

Victoria’s local honey. The organic farm is located in the Mornington Peninsula. The South Melbourne Market near the city also sells their honey. You can also go directly to the farm to play and watch the honey-picking process without a ticket. The farm shop also has a rich variety of honey and peripheral products to buy.
Address: 871 Derril Rd, Moorooduc, VIC 3933


Honey from the National Nature Reserve of Tasmania. The source of honey comes from forests dominated by Eucalyptus grandis, Eucalyptus microphylla and lemon Eucalyptus. The honey produced has a special eucalyptus floral fragrance, sweet in acid, and slightly salty and slightly astringent. This honey is known as a natural throat moisturizer and is very effective in preventing influenza and treating throat inflammation.

Melbourne City Rooftop Honey

The founders of Melbourne local brands, Vanessa and Mat, raised bees to make honey on the roof, bringing bees back to the city. In particular, in addition to buying canned honey, there is also a small tube Test Tube, which can be tried or carried on travel, which is very convenient. In addition, there are beeswax, candles and plant seeds to buy.
You can buy online or check the dealership: www.rooftophoney.com.au

Manuka, New Zealand:
In recent years, Chinese people have gradually come to know a big name in honey called Manuka. Manuka is the native language of New Zealand. It is a natural tea tree in New Zealand. The small white or pink flowers grow on the tree. The honey produced has a medicinal smell which is not very pleasing, but it contains a powerful health effect. Now this kind of nectar has become a world-class health care product. Active Manuka honey has a special medical and health care effect, which is better than ordinary honey, and even more than some traditional antibacterial drugs.

In New Zealand, the production process of Manuka honey is strictly regulated by the market, and the New Zealand government is the only country in the world that bans beekeepers from using antibiotics to feed bees, so the price is high but the quality is trustworthy. Manuka honey has an important UMF indicator (Unique Manuka Factor, the antibacterial ingredients contained in active Manuka honey), which can only be used by UMF licensees, and must meet a series of conditions including regular observation and review of the texture of the honey.

UMF is an indicator from 0 to 30. A low number indicates that the honey has a low antibacterial degree and can only be used as a sweetener; UMF10 and above indicate that the honey contains sufficient active curative ingredients. The higher the number, the higher the efficacy. However, it is not necessary to blindly pursue high UMF standards. For example, honey with UMF 20 or above is relatively rare and the price is often too high. Some people consume a high number of honey, but will produce a burning and tingling sensation. Therefore, the daily consumption of honey is as good as needed. You can simply refer to the following indicators:
UMF5+: No medicinal properties, used as ordinary honey, not suitable for babies;
UMF10+: Health honey, suitable for adults and elderly people who need to improve immunity;
UMF15+: Suitable for people with mild gastrointestinal discomfort, such as frequent diarrhea, stomach pain and indigestion;
UMF20+: Suitable for people with severe gastrointestinal discomfort. It can be used as a postoperative rehabilitation product to speed up wound healing.

Pure UMF Manuka honey must meet the following conditions:

1. UMF label is affixed on the package; produced and labelled in New Zealand;

2. The product comes from New Zealand UMF label license holder;

3. The registration number of the supplier is on the product;

4. Standard numbers above UMF10.

However, there has been some controversy recently. The origin of honey is much smaller than the annual sales of some brands, which may harmonize honey from other countries. For this reason, rational consumption and multiple comparisons are still necessary. Here are some well-known Manuka honey brands in New Zealand.


Comvita, as an old New Zealand brand, has entered the Chinese market and is a relatively prominent brand. It has also launched New Zealand clover honey in China. With a wide variety of products, it is a good choice for domestic people to buy Manuka honey.

Airborne Clover Honey

Airborne is a century-old New Zealand veteran with a long history, featuring alfalfa (clover) honey. Most of the local pastures use alfalfa as livestock feed. The flowers are abundant and of excellent quality. The honey produced is thick, light yellow in color, not strong in sweetness, and has a slight floral fragrance. This honey can also be used as a good companion for afternoon tea. It can be drunk in herbal tea. The slightly sweet aroma is very pleasant.

API Health Manuka Honey

API Health has a wide variety of products. Their beekeepers feed the bees with Manuka nectar, train them to recognize the fragrance of flowers, and specialize in collecting Manuka nectar. The modified raw honey is sweet and moderately thick. It is easy to spread or swallow, suitable for children.

Arataki Honey

The brand was founded in 1944. It has a long history in the New Zealand honey industry and has the largest number of beehives in New Zealand and the most stable quality honey company. If you are in New Zealand, you can also go to their farm in Hawke's Bay to taste the honey and watch the honey brewing process.

Manuka Health

Among the four largest bee production companies in New Zealand, Manuka Health has the richest product line and the broadest export market. The founder started his own honey business, and it has been exported to 45 countries in just ten years. The product feature is to use advanced biological activity technology to ensure the taste, quality and nutritional content of honey.

Tips for eating Manuka:
If you dilute Manuka with warm water for drinking, it will be a bit wasteful and the effect will be greatly reduced. The best way is to spread bread, or use a non-metal spoon (to avoid chemical damage to the beneficial ingredients), dig a spoonful in the mouth and swallow slowly, which is also very beneficial for health care of the throat and esophagus. One to two tablespoons per day for adults.

Related to "bee":
Healthy Care Propolis Liquid
Propolis drops

It is very suitable for people who need to increase their immunity and those who have too much alcohol and tobacco, socialize more, and those who are stressed. It is also suitable for various bacterial diseases, viral hepatitis, stomatitis and sore throat. It can be used externally or internally with warm water, but not suitable for babies, pregnant women and those who are preparing to become pregnant.

Healthy Care Propolis Toothpaste
Propolis toothpaste

Propolis is collected by bees from a variety of plants. It not only protects teeth from caries, but also has healthy gums and fresh breath. This toothpaste has good cleaning power and is the only propolis toothpaste sold in major pharmacies in Australia.

Article reprinted from Melbourne Eat


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