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The refugee boat incident continued to ferment, and the Australian government's practice of bribing snakeheads and expelling refugees was criticized as "a wonder in the world."

Some time ago, the Australian government paid a lot of money to bribe snakeheads and drive away refugee boats, which aroused great public concern. And Labor MP Joel Fitzgibbon's remarks that refugees should be driven away made the two parties quarrel in Parliament.

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton said that the Labour Party leader Bill Shorten must clarify the Labour Party’s attitude towards refugees coming to Australia. "Shorten must explain why his shadow minister would support the practice of driving away refugee boats."

It is reported that Labor Party MP Fitzgibbon publicly stated in an interview that preventing refugee ships from coming to Australia is an important means for the government to control the number of refugees.

Dutton also said that even Shorten has now made a corresponding commitment. The Labor Government will not fulfill their promises after taking office.

The leader of the Green Party, Richard Di Natale, said that the Australian government's practice of expelling refugees is just shirking its responsibilities. Such behavior can be called a "worldly wonder". "Refugees have become a global problem, and no country in the world has chosen to drive away refugees like us."

News compiled from "Sydney Morning Herald"


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