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After the fact that the MERS diagnosed patient still traveled to Jeju Island after showing suspected symptoms, the first-class hotel he had stayed in is now closed. Meanwhile, Jeju Island, known as the "MERS Clean Zone", also entered a state of emergency.

The hotel, which has 429 rooms, decided to suspend business after the incident was exposed and would not accept appointments until the situation was brought under control. The hotel is now telling A who stayed in and the guests who are currently staying. The hotel employee who has been in contact with A has been quarantined.
 A certain pedestrian went to sightseeing spots such as horse riding stables and theme parks on the 7th. The epidemic prevention authority explained that "A was unwell from the 7th, so he stayed alone in the car most of the time."
 A was examined for MERS at Jiangnan Severance Hospital on the 12th of this month, and he even threatened that "if I were quarantined because of MERS, I would walk around and spread the infection to everyone". In addition, after the hospital planned to isolate him for treatment, he even broke the door button, grabbed the door, and took a taxi home.
It was also revealed that another MERS confirmed patient was active in the hospital located in the "Private Education Site No. 1" Dazhidong Cram School Street in Gangnam District, which caused quite a stir. The 15nd patient B (152 years old) who was diagnosed at Jiangnan St. Mary’s Hospital on the 66th of this month went to the Dazhidong Otolaryngology Department. The Otolaryngology Hospital was also closed and closed, and medical staff were isolated at home. Several cram schools in the building are also busy disinfecting. Although the ENT hospital disclosed this fact on its official website, the epidemic prevention authorities did not disclose this content.
Housewife Kim (43 years old) angrily said, “It is said that the 152nd patient started to have a fever on the 8th and ended up traveling to and from Chungnam Villa. How could the government authorities be so negligent?”

Article reprinted from the Chinese website of Korea Joongang Daily


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