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The nature of finance requires everyone to continue to think deeply, especially in practice, and this often requires a very high price. Why is there a stock market crash in June? In addition to the stock market bubble that I have repeatedly emphasized and the leverage ratio is already very high, there is another very important reason, and this reason is the fuse of the stock market crash. Today I will focus on this reason. I hope everyone Pay great attention to it, because it is not too late to know this reason, which will be of great help in the future.

As you all know, the funds in the stock market are strange this time. In addition to a lot of leveraged funds entering the stock market, there are also many bank loans entering the stock market. Many people may ask, why is there so much leveraged funds suddenly? In fact, in addition to financing from securities firms, there are also many private funds. Where do these private funds come from? It often comes from loans from many banks. After some companies obtain loans from the banks, they then lend the funds to the allocation company to make the difference.

There are also many listed companies whose funds have entered the company. Some of the funds of these listed companies come from bank loans and some from their own funds. Through entrusted loans or entrusted financial management, the curve has entered the stock market. Some funds went directly to the company.

The above two points are very important. Next, continue to analyze.

1. Every year in June, it is time for the mid-year settlement. There are a lot of illegal funds or non-violating funds. At this time, in order to make a mid-year report, the funds must be withdrawn from the stock market. Otherwise, the report shows a pile of stocks, which is troublesome. Then the bank loan will obviously enter The stock market is to be checked.

2. Since stocks cannot be reflected in the report, it is necessary to sell the stocks before June 6 and hold currency cash.

3. So in June, many non-listed companies and listed companies were desperately selling their stocks, which eventually became the straw that crushed the stock market, and this selling will continue until the end of June.

4. After these companies dumped their stocks, they gradually caused a decline in the stock market. At this time, the leverage ratio of the Chinese stock market was particularly high, which caused a chain reaction of leveraged funds, desperately liquidating their positions, and the stock market crash broke out.

A large-scale stock market crash in China’s stock market is inevitable, and the stock market crash in June is doomed. Behind this is actually illegal funds entering the stock market, and must withdraw from the stock market before the end of June, resulting in a liquidation of leveraged funds , And this selling will continue and cause greater turbulence. The Chinese stock market has been completely reduced to a very large speculative casino. The water in it has become more and more muddy. The only thing ordinary people want to get alive is to leave the stock market completely!

The article is reproduced from Huangshan under the wind and rain


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