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The headlines of the Australian media "The Age" reported this world scam.This is the cocktail that grabbed headlines around the world. It was sold for an incredible 2013 Australian dollars in 12500 and won the Guinness World Records for the three owners James Packer, Shane Warne and Joe Hachem of Club23.

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However, in terms of price, this is not the most expensive drink ever sold.In fact, this cocktail has not really been sold. Fairfax media revealed that the purchase was fake and was used to help investigate a 3200 million Australian dollar casino fraud that occurred just one day ago.

In February 2013, Crown Casino officially announced that James Manning, a millionaire from New Zealand, would pay a total of five-figure Australian dollars for a cocktail called "The Winston", which uses 2 vintage cognac Croizet Cuvee Leonie cognac is mixed with other wines.

This may not be a good sign. Cognac was also stored on the Titanic.

Manning was lured into a casino VIP room, but the casino did not know that his friend was in it.This was later called by the police as an Oceans 11 scam. Manning won an extraordinary victory at the poker table. After winning streak, he netted 3200 million Australian dollars, which aroused suspicion of Crown Casino.

"We can't believe that he won so many bets. The situation seems very suspicious." A casino executive said: "Our surveillance staff decided to find out."

However, after the video check, the surveillance experts discovered that the surveillance network of the VIP room had been damaged. Someone provided a signal to Manning, and the casino discovered that this was a group fraud. "The situation is very complicated, they almost escaped." The executive said.

A security guard knocked on the door of Manning’s luxury suite at the Crown Hotel in the middle of the night. The gambler and his family were evicted. As most of the prize money of 3200 million Australian dollars has not been transferred out of the casino, Crown Casino’s management decided not to formally sue him, but Manning was notified that he could no longer set foot in Crown Casino.

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However, this late-night incident put the public relations department in trouble.Because Crown Casino has announced that Manning, a businessman from New Zealand, will buy a world record cocktail.

The event is scheduled for February 2. Jason Gillott, a marketing manager with a Hong Kong background, has bought a bottle of Cuvee Leonie from 7 worth about 15 Australian dollars, and many guests of the casino have been invited to be called the official Guinness Book of World Records witness.However, Manning's fraud was not planned.A former member of Crown Casino’s public relations team said: “We have Cognac and we have events, but we are just one buyer short of it, which puts us in a terrible dilemma.”

Even the well-connected Crown Casino cannot find anyone willing to pay 12500 Australian dollars for a cocktail.As time became more and more urgent, the situation of Crown Public Relations became more and more awkward. Finally, Ishan Ratnam, the vice president of VIP service department and Peter Crinis, the Crown executives, found an ordinary face in the Crown Hotel, Giang Nguyen.

Giang Nguyen is a financial supporter of the Geelong Rugby Club, sometimes lives in the suites of the Crown Hotel, and is a close partner of Ratnam and Chris.He was also a reluctant buyer, but the final transaction volume was shocking. Nguyen signed Club23’s cocktails and calmed the Guinness World Records, and the money will be returned to him by Crown Casino in the future.

News compiled from "Times"


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