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Chef Nathan Flint of Lord Dudley Hotel in Paddington, Sydney, created the world's most expensive pie in celebration of the 200 million food and beverage vouchers sold on the Groupon website. How expensive is the most expensive? Asking price of 1.2 Australian dollars.

Cake industry luxury! Sydney chef creates the world's most expensive meat pie

There is a reason why it is so expensive. The materials used by Nathan Flint are all luxury grades, which makes this pie's expensive value. In addition to using two pieces of beef fillet and brisket of high-quality Kobe beef from David Blackmore, founder of the famous Blackmore Wagyu (Blackmore Wagyu), and two rock lobsters, the organic vegetables in the pie are all produced in Australia, and then used Butter, Italian porcini mushrooms and black truffles are cooked and added to Penfolds’ most prestigious Grange wine. After the meat pie is made, Flint also sprinkled genuine gold leaf around the pie as a decoration.


Flint said that it took about three weeks of experimentation to make this meat pie to master the amount of ingredients and cooking temperature.






The finished product looks like this, it looks so delicious, do you feel your index finger moved!



Let's eat! Hundreds of Australian dollars are gone for a bite.


I really want to take a bite, just give me a bite.


I ate 1,2000 burgers and paired it with a cold drink.


Is there any pain in the foot.



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