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From July 2015th to 7th, 4, the Gold Coast, a famous tourist destination in Queensland, Australia, will once again usher in the annual sports event-the Gold Coast Airport Marathon. As of the latest statistics two weeks before the start of the race, a total of 5 participants from all over the world have gathered on the Gold Coast, which is the largest number of participants in the country in the 2.7-year history of the Gold Coast Marathon. Participants in the Greater China region will also hear the broadcast in Chinese for the first time this year, and for the first time there will be an exclusive rest area for runners in the Greater China region.

The Gold Coast Marathon is one of the most important road running events in the world, and it is also the oldest and most organized event in Australia. Last year, the Gold Coast Marathon became the first event in Australia to be awarded the gold label of the International Athletics Federation (IAAF)!

The event will be held on two weekends. Saturday is a series of healthy and happy running events. There are 10km, 5.7km, 4km and 2km youth sprints respectively, suitable for all people to participate; Sundays are full marathons and half marathons, suitable for long-distance runners to challenge Self, create PB (personal best performance).

Attention contestants in Greater China!

In order to build the Gold Coast Marathon into the most friendly and influential overseas marathon for the majority of Chinese runners, this year's participants in Greater China will have additional benefits~

  • In the broadcast of the start and finish points of the event, the Chinese broadcaster will be used for the first time! It is very cordial to hear the announcements in the language of the motherland in overseas competitions!
  • In the event rest area, there will be a'Greater China Rest Area' for the exclusive use of Greater China runners, so there is no need to worry about storing personal belongings!

After participating in the Gold Coast Marathon, it is natural to walk around, relax and take a leisure trip~

Cute Koala
Come to Currumbin Wildlife Park on the Gold Coast or Dream World to hug koalas and kiss kangaroos and take a close photo with these Australian national treasures.
If you still plan to stay in Brisbane, you can also go to the Lone Pine Koala Zoo where Peng Mama hugs the koala during the G20 summit. You may be lucky enough to have the same koala that the mother of the country reported.
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Play in the theme park
These famous theme parks are not to be missed! Movie world, dream world, ocean world, etc. Choose one of them or play them one by one, ah, ah, don't choose to have a difficult disease!
640-777 640-778
Finally, the sunset is breathtakingly beautiful. See you on the Gold Coast~

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