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Woolworths sell poisonous mushrooms? Asian immigrants were almost eaten to death!

Rajvir Kaur, a 25-year-old Indian immigrant who lives in Newcastle, never expected that a few mushrooms purchased at Woolworths almost killed her.

It is reported that Kaur's mother bought some mushrooms at Woolworths in April last year and made a curry mushroom for her daughter. But Kaur, her mother and a roommate all developed food poisoning after eating mushrooms.

Among them, Kaur's condition is the most serious. After admission, she developed multiple organ failure and was in a coma for a whole week. Fortunately, a successful liver transplant operation allowed her to survive. Now, Kaur has to take 20 kinds of drugs every day to avoid rejection of his own organs.

Currently, Kaur is preparing to sue Woolworths on the grounds that mushrooms sold in supermarkets contain highly toxic cap mushrooms.

But Woolworths denied Kaur's claim, and they also took out the investigation report made by the Ministry of Health and the police last year to prove their innocence.

A spokesperson for Woolworths stated that "Police and the Ministry of Health have conducted an investigation into this matter and there is no evidence that Woolworths sold these poisonous mushrooms."

But Kaur believes that these poisonous mushrooms were purchased by her mother 2 weeks before the incident. The goods investigated by the police and the health department may not be the same batch. "I don't pick mushrooms from the forest. Where else can I get these mushrooms except Woolworths?"

News compiled from "The Herald Sun"


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