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When immigrating to Australia, as part of the visa application process, applicants for immigration to Australia must ensure that they will respect Australian values.

As a country of immigrants, in order to maintain the stability, peace and prosperity of Australian society, Australian people of different backgrounds must support the common principles and values ​​that underpin Australian society. The following values ​​form the foundation of Australia's free and democratic society, including:

1. Respect for the equal values, dignity and freedom of the individual: Respect for the equal worth, dignity and freedom of the individual

2. Freedom of speech

3. Freedom of religion and secular government: Freedom of religion and secular government

4. Freedom of association: Freedom of association

5. Support for parliamentary democracy and the rule of law

6. Everyone is equal before the law: Equality under the law

7. Gender equality: Equality of men and women

8. Equality of opportunity: Equality of opportunity

9. Peace: Peacefulness

10. The spirit of egalitarianism that advocates fair competition, mutual respect, mutual tolerance, and sympathy with disadvantaged groups: A spirit of egalitarianism that embraces tolerance, mutual respect and compassion for those in need

Although these values ​​and principles have a certain degree in common with many other countries, they have been shaped and modernized by the settlements of millions of immigrants from the world, and have adapted to the unique environment of Australia. Although different people may have different expressions, the meaning is the same.


The first inhabitants of Australia were Aboriginals and Torres Strait ( and Torres Strait Islander), their unique cultural tradition is one of the oldest in the world.Australia’s first immigrants came mainly from the United Kingdom and Ireland. The Anglo-Celtic traditions they brought have become an important part of Australia’s history, culture, and political traditions, and they continue to exert influence today.The subsequent wave of immigration brought together people from Africa, Asia, America, and Europe in Australia, and they all made their own contributions to Australia and its way of life.

This statement of shared values ​​and principles does not mean that everyone has the same beliefs. In fact, respect for the individual’s freedom of thought and maverick rights is the cornerstone of Australian democracy.

Its purpose is to help new residents understand the basic Australian values ​​that are helpful for creating a stable, vibrant, united, and diverse society.

The Australian people have many freedoms and rights. However, while exercising these freedoms, everyone must abide by the Australian laws enacted by a democratically elected government in order to maintain order, freedom and security in society.


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