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Recently, 30-year-old Wenzhou woman Ali (a pseudonym) went to the gynecology department for a checkup. The doctor said that she had a venereal disease (called Hualiu disease in ancient times). After learning the results, Ali was ashamed and annoyed: "I usually clean myself and take care of myself. Where did this disease come from?"

Look down and the results will surprise you!

30-year-old beautiful girl suffers from Hualiu and suspects her boyfriend is "unclean"

Ali said that at first she suspected that the fiance was messing around with flowers, passed the disease to her, and took the fiance to the hospital for an investigation. It turned out that he was innocent, which confused her.

After the doctor inquired carefully about the medical history, the suspect was found: It turned out that Ali was a teller at a bank in the city. Due to her busy work, she often went to the toilet without washing her hands after counting the money. It is likely that this bad habit caused her to get infected. Venereal disease.

Getting STD after counting money is not an isolated case, virgins are also recruited

According to Li Feifei, a gynecologist at Wenzhou People’s Hospital, he had previously treated a patient in his 20s, Xiaole (a pseudonym), and he also contracted STDs. Xiaole was immediately silly at the time. She said that she had no boyfriend and no sexual experience. How could she contract STDs? Upon questioning, it was discovered that Xiaole was also a bank employee and had the bad habit of not washing his hands after taking some money.

How can banknotes spread STDs? In this regard, the doctor explained that STDs are not necessarily spread only through sexual contact, and indirect transmission is also an important way. Most people think that once venereal disease bacteria leave the body, they are not contagious, but it is not. Gonorrhea and syphilis bacteria can survive for 2 hours, condyloma acuminatum virus can survive for 3 to 5 hours, and can survive for 1 to 2 hours after being isolated. If it is on a damp towel, quilt, bed sheet, or toilet, it can survive after being isolated. 10 to 18 hours. An old banknote that is used repeatedly, once passed through the hands of a STD patient, is likely to carry such viruses and germs.

According to statistics, on a 120% new one-yuan banknote, Shigella, Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, hepatitis B virus and Neisseria gonorrhoeae can be found. Each banknote carries an average of XNUMX million germs.

After working for an hour, such as cashiers, tellers, etc., who were in frequent contact with banknotes, there were more than 300 million germs on their hands. The survey found that these people had a hepatitis infection rate 6 times higher than others. Moreover, as the working life increases, the probability of being infected will become higher and higher, and many of them are infected with STDs.

Weapon: Wash your hands with hand sanitizer before and after going to the toilet

The doctor reminded that everyone knows to wash your hands after toileting, but the detail of washing hands before toileting is often overlooked in life, especially those in the industry who usually deal with money. If you don't pay attention to this, germs are likely to come to you.

How can washing hands effectively remove bacteria? According to the survey, washing hands with running water can wash away 80% of the bacteria on the hands. If you rub your hands with hand sanitizer for 15-20 seconds, then rinse with running water, you can wash away 99% of the bacteria on your hands. If conditions do not permit, prepare a pack of disinfectant wipes with you and wipe your hands before going to the toilet, which is not only convenient, but also effective.

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do you know? Nearly 96% of the shoe soles have E. coli; the kitchen sink has more than 50 bacteria, which is 1000 times that of the bathroom; the probability of detecting mold in the refrigerator seal is 83%; cell phone bacteria can infect the eyes... These bacteria, small ones can cause colds, and serious Fear of death! How to find? How to remove? Poke the picture ↓ teach you "mine clearing" and easily "demolition"! For health, forward the collection!

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Article reprinted from Weibo of Wenzhou Metropolis Daily and People’s Daily


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