Demonstration and conflict in Mexico City again! Richmond City Hall was hit

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▲ The crowd gathered at the scene of the incident. ("Times")

There were physical clashes between anti-Islamic and anti-racist organizations in Melbourne, Sydney and many places in Australia in April. This ugly scene repeated in the afternoon of the 4st in Melbourne. At the entrance of Richmond Town Hall, clashes broke out between the two factions, although the police tried to maintain order. , But there are still a few demonstrators who broke through the police defense lines and caused physical conflicts.

The Times reported that before 31:1 pm on the 30st, some demonstrators claiming to be "Aussie patriots" held a parade in Melbourne's Citizens Park (Citizens Park). After that, anti-racial and fascists also Gathered near the city hall. Nearly 70 supporters of the "United Patriots Front" tried to rush into Richmond City Hall, but were blocked by hundreds of anti-demonstrators. Although the Melbourne Police sent a large number of police forces including Mounted Police to isolate the two groups of demonstrators, there were still several physical clashes. After that, the "Federal Patriot Front" demonstrators quickly retreated behind the cordon and waved the Australian flag. .

The "Federal Patriot Front" stated that their move was to resist communism and to save Australia from Islamic law, and to attack the city hall to "defeat" Socialist MP Steven Jolly (Steven Jolly). However, hundreds of counter-demonstrators responded with scolding. They chanted slogans such as "Fuck your fascism" and "You are always losers in Melbourne." At some stage, the counter-demonstrators even surrounded a person who was considered A man who is a member of the "Federal Patriot Needlework". At that time, the man was taking pictures, but was robbed of his hat and insulted, so he flinched. At about 2 pm, members of the "Federal Patriot Front" left the scene of the incident under police escort, while anti-demonstrators chanted "No Nazis! No more!" slogans to celebrate.

The Victorian Police stated that they expected this move to cause a large number of crowds and traffic chaos, and stated in a statement: "Victoria Police respect the right of associations to express their opinions peacefully and legally, but will not tolerate offenders."

"Federal Patriots Needlework" stated that the gathering was a response to "left-wing violence" during the conflict in Federation Square on April 4.

News compiled from "Times"


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