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The state government signs contracts for four level crossing renovation projects

The Victorian government recently signed a project contract for the second batch of four railroad and highway level crossings, and set out to clear more traffic bottlenecks.

Heatherdale Road in Mitcham District, Blackburn Road in Blackburn District, Main Road and Furlong Road in St Albans District, the renovation of four level crossings will begin this year. A consortium composed of Leighton and two other companies has recently won the bid and will be responsible for the design and construction of these level crossings.

The construction project will cost about 4.8 million yuan, including 1.51 million yuan in federal government funding. A total of nearly 200 jobs will be created. All crossings will adopt the plan of rail settlement. St Albans, Ginifer and Heatherdale stations will all be rebuilt, and the platforms will drop below the ground. The Blackburn station will also be upgraded. The Main Road and Furlong Road level crossing renovation project is expected to be completed in 2017, and the Heatherdale and Blackburn Road level crossing renovation project will be completed in 2018.

Victorian House of Commons passes Melbourne port leasing bill

The Victorian government has taken another step in the process of using the proceeds to renovate 50 level crossings by leasing the Port of Melbourne.

The House of Commons of the Victorian Parliament recently passed the Victorian Infrastructure (Port Melbourne lease transaction) bill 2015. According to the motion, the port leasing proceeds will be injected into the Victorian Transport Fund (VTF), which will be used to renovate 50 level crossings in Victoria, expand the Melbourne Metro, and build the west gate shunt project and other important transportation facilities.

The project to renovate the level crossing will create thousands of construction jobs in Victoria and will facilitate the travel of Victorian residents when completed. The final approval of the infrastructure bill will create more jobs in Victoria and improve our transportation system, thereby ensuring Victoria’s continued AAA credit rating. After being passed by the House of Commons, the bill will also be submitted to the Victorian House of Lords for consideration.

Victorian government tenders for new generation of high-capacity trains

The Victorian government has begun soliciting letters of intent to design, manufacture, and maintain the next generation of high-capacity trains.

The government's decision to solicit tendering letters of intent will set a new milestone for the future development of public transport in Victoria. The state government spent 13 billion yuan to purchase 37 high-capacity trains, creating a history of new train procurement in Victoria. Victoria’s new trains will carry more passengers and use the latest technology to ensure safe and comfortable travel.

The new high-capacity trains will run on Melbourne's busiest Cranbourne-Pakenham line. Through the upgrading of signal equipment and the removal of all level crossings from Dandenong to the urban area, the new trains will increase the public transport capacity in the Dandenong corridor area by 42% and increase the capacity of 11000 passengers during the morning rush hour every day. According to government requirements, at least 50% of the manufacturing of new trains will be completed locally.

Congressman AndrewThe Hon. Daniel Andrews

Phone number: 03 8392 5763

Mailing address: 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne 3002

e-mail:[email protected]

Sina Weibo: Australian Victorian Labour Party leader Andrew


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