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In the early morning of June 6th, a massive shooting occurred in Suning County, Cangzhou, Hebei, causing 9 deaths and 2 injuries. 3 police officers died and 2 were injured. In the CCTV news channel "News 2+1" program that night, Bai Yansong called the police officers "dead" (rather than "sacrifice"), and asked "what caused this fifty-something old man to pick up the gun". Provoked dissatisfaction from the police.


It was the WeChat public account "Police Circle" that Bai Yansong was scolding. Of course, the netizens are not idle, and there are a lot of people helping Bai Yansong. The editor really doesn't want to go to this muddy water, so I won't say more here. But there is one thing, I want to say something.

The editor believes that although death is somewhat inhumane, it is even more inappropriate to call death. The original meaning of sacrifice is livestock for sacrifice (Baidu Baike), which is not a good term, but it is abused and beautified today.

There are many kinds of death. Death for faith is called martyrdom, death for defending the country is called martyrdom, death due to love is called martyrdom, death due to work is called martyrdom, and death due to being a sacrifice is called sacrifice. Therefore, the most accurate name for the death of a policeman is his death on duty.

Calling death in service a sacrifice is a kind of cultural chaos. Many people think that sacrifice is the respect and recognition of the dead, but in ancient sense, it is really not a good word. Being a sacrifice is very sad. Who wants to be a sacrifice?

Article reprinted from the perspective of politics and business


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