Ma Yun sent a letter to the failing students: What's the point of failing the college entrance examination? ! Our luck lies elsewhere! ‏

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On the evening of June 6, Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba and chairman of the board of directors, recalled the night when he failed the college entrance examination again. With mixed feelings, he wrote a letter to the disappointed candidates:

I think you must be very lost these days, I understand! Because I have had the same experience twice.

Especially the second time I failed the college entrance examination. I remember that on the night when the list was published, I was lying on the platform at the door of the old Zhejiang Library with a few classmates who also hadn’t been admitted to the university, looking at the stars in the sky, full of my future. Worry and melancholy... fear of being looked down upon by others, fear of being complained by family members, fear that I will never look up, fear that I have no future...

Life is fickle, and success today may not necessarily lead to success in the future. Unsuccessful today does not mean that there will be no chance in the future.

Some people are born to read and take exams! We don’t know how to take exams, and we may not be as good as others, but we are no worse than them in other places.

Maybe we were not born for exams, but we will work hard and work hard! We may indeed need to take several exams to succeed.Our luck is not in the exam, our luck must be elsewhere! We just haven't found it yet.

I never thought that I would have the result today.But I believe that in this life there is always a chance waiting for me!Some opportunities are someone else's, and it's useless to be jealous.Those who are born to read books are fate, but those of us who don’t know how to read books and exams may not be without our luck, As long as we insist on doing what we like, and strive to do it well and perfect!

Of course, college is still very important. Keep taking the exam a few more times! It is not necessary to enter a prestigious university, but it is very useful to enter a university. Even if you can't pass the entrance examination in ordinary universities, you still have some problems of your own. Don't give up, do it again.

If you are admitted to a prestigious university, please look at others with appreciation! If you enter or fail to enter the university, please look at yourself with appreciation! You must have your own chance.

Ma Yun


PS. I just came back from abroad and communicated with classmates who were disappointed in the college entrance examination. When I think about my bad luck, there are so many...What a failure in the college entrance examination! I found that many successful people have failed the college entrance examination. The important thing is that they have never given up their efforts!


The article is reproduced from the WeChat public account of Xinhua News Agency "I'm on the scene"


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