Mom has to worry again! Why do Australian student couples live together? The first place in anonymous voting is actually…..‏

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!
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Recently, someone made such a survey on the Tide Network Forum. Why do international students live together?

This survey attracted more than 1200 international students to participate in the survey. However, the reason for the first place is really unexpected for the editor.


Obviously, the first place is to solve the physiological needs, a total of 530 votes, 80 votes more than the second place to share the rent and living expenses. Because it is a secret ballot, everyone is also quite honest.

For the third place (for spiritual sustenance) and fourth place (for the support of life), the editor thought of an age-old philosophical question-love and bread, but the spiritual sustenance here may only refer to being alone. Study alone. After all, there were only 247 votes for love, which was far behind.

In fact, if you think about the results of such data, you can discover many problems and status quo of international students.

After reading the data results, do you still believe in love? ?

Article reprinted from tick network


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