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Recently, some netizens posted that a number of "female-only parking spaces" appeared in a parking lot in front of a square on Linquan Road, Hefei. These female parking spaces are painted pink and are about 7 cm wider than ordinary parking spaces. They are said to be reserved for female drivers. The use of "female parking spaces" has aroused heated discussions among many citizens. Some people think it is blatant sex discrimination, while others think it is a care for women.

Women's dedicated parking spaces appear at the entrance of the mall

At the entrance of a store near the intersection of Linquan Road and Tongling Road, the reporter saw that this female-only parking space was marked on the ground in pink, and the parking space was larger than the normal parking space next to it. At the same time, one of these parking spaces also marked the front parking space.

According to Zou Jianjun, manager of the property security department of the unit, these female-only parking spaces were established in August last year and accounted for less than 8% of the total parking spaces.

One of the original intentions of the establishment is to demonstrate their service concept. These parking spaces are set up in front of the mall to not only facilitate the entry and exit of female customers with children and carry goods, but also allow the staff to help them. Second, considering that some female drivers may not be proficient in driving skills, and some even dare not enter the underground parking lot to park, the provision of dedicated parking spaces not only facilitates the female customers themselves, but also avoids causing trouble for other customers.

Some people think this is discrimination against women

This newspaper has discussed many times before that men and women have their own advantages and disadvantages in driving. Female drivers drive carefully and cautiously; while male drivers have a stronger sense of direction and distance, and respond more positively to emergency situations.

A driving school instructor who has worked for many years also said that there is no distinction between men and women in the driving license test, but if it comes to safety and stability, it is still a woman who is careful and cautious and driving is safer. There are two main factors to drive a good or bad car. Practice makes perfect and courageous, not directly related to gender. The coach believes that if it is necessary to take care of it, it is better to take care of novices than to take care of women. “Novices, regardless of gender, will encounter many problems when parking.”

Some people think that this behavior of the business is pure hype. “Instead of taking care of female drivers, it is better to set up more humane facilities to take care of the disabled, the elderly, and pregnant women. I think it’s more meaningful to simply take care of women.”

The netizen "Sister Li Qingning" thinks that setting up such a "female-only parking space" and deliberately widening it is that the female drivers in Hefei have poor driving skills and can't park. It is difficult to park in ordinary parking spaces. , There will be various accidents and so on. Is this blatant discrimination against women and female drivers? Although there has been a lot of news about female drivers across the country recently, everyone has even demonized female drivers because of this! If a few female drivers do not drive well, does that mean that all female drivers in Hefei cannot drive too? What's more, it's just parking, and it's not as high as the risk factor on the road. There are still people on the spot to guide you. How about you?

Netizen "Xiao Oh Oh" also said that this has been separated from humanity and involves discrimination against male customers. For example, if a business only launches a certain service for men (except for husband hosting services), there will definitely be protests. Merchants should not allow customers to enter based on whether they are rich or not.

Some people think this way is very intimate

But some people think that this method is very intimate and very human.

A netizen "eat a catty" said that the management staff of the Greater Hefei parking lot are so caring. Such caring parking spaces are convenient for you, me and him. It seems that a female driver is really easy to drive and difficult to park. I am most afraid of parking. With pink floor paint, my heart is so warm.

The netizen "Ultraman the Little Monster To Death" also holds different opinions. Didn't you find that the female-only parking space is close to the garage exit and is more spacious? This is to enable women to easily carry their shopping carts or strollers in and out after parking!

"Little troubles": The female parking spaces are very user-friendly, the colors are so loving, and the parking spaces are relatively spacious, which is really cute.

Garage manager complains about female driver

The reporter randomly interviewed the staff of several large parking lots. In their daily work, they had contact with the drivers every day and encountered many stories.

Nowadays, it is very common to drive without stopping. Due to gender differences, female drivers often drive carefully and cautiously; while male drivers have a strong sense of direction and distance. It’s just that on the issue of parking, what exactly tests the driver’s sense of direction and distance is the driver’s grasp of the sense of direction and distance.

The manager of the underground parking lot of the Central City Shopping Center said that there are too many cars that do not park well every day. Interesting and weird things you can think of have happened here. "Just the day before yesterday, a female driver left the parking lot. , The exit was uphill, and the car stalled on a half slope. She didn’t dare to refuel. Later, we helped to drive it up. When we talked about this to our leader, we asked whether it was a man or a woman. Those who often occupy two parking spaces because they can’t get in, or hit a pillar when they’re reversing. These often happen."

Article reprinted from Sina


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