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The happiest period in life is to sleep until you wake up naturally, and then start a day full of energy with a delicious breakfast. However, if your requirement for breakfast is still filling your stomach and replenishing energy, it will be too low~ But in Melbourne, the breakfast capital of the world, how come you need to worry about brunch! Come and see how Melbourne's distinctive high-end brunch is amazing!



Hash, this recently opened brunch, opened in a low-key and domineering manner opposite The Hardware Societe recommended by the editor many times. It was already in line last weekend. When you enter the door, you are tempted by the style of the store. Cafe and brunch still adheres to the simple and post-modern decoration style, but you can feel the intention behind the design. After a few glances, you will find that the cool kettle and the chandelier are in the same shape, and the table tops are decorated with fresh flowers. The colors and shapes of all the accessories are very harmonious, and the lighting is also appropriate.#HashSmash#Chorizo,Scallops+Fried Egg. It's delicious, so cry! I never thought that eating brunch would be able to eat such delicious scallops and grilled sausages, so satisfying! The scallop has a Q-flavored texture. After the entrance, it does not spread out. You can feel it resisting when you take a bite. Flick your teeth! Chorizo ​​is even more delicious, the meat is firm, fat and thin. Paired with the refreshing white bean paste, it's the same saying, "Hash is just right"! In addition, their coffeeHouse BlendIt's also a boutique made from top-quality coffee beans lightly roasted, and you really can't drink it elsewhere!

Address: 113 Hardware Street, Melbourne

Phone: 0385290284


Barry in Northcote


This restaurant is one of the most popular restaurants in the North. It is famous for its health, the amount is very large, and the ingredients are very, very fresh! Muesli has a very strong milk aroma;Coconut Lamb PuddingIt is my favorite. The combination of fresh coconut milk, cheese, spices, and flavors is perfect; what you drink, whether it is hot chocolate or cold coffee, is worth a try! Remember to order one when you come hereVegan breakfast!

Address: 85 High Street Northcote, 3070 VIC

Phone: 03 9481 7623


◆Combi in Elwood


Whether you are a vegetarian or value the health of food, this restaurant focuses onOrganic ingredientsThe restaurants are perfect for you. A cup of Berry Beloved Smoothies includes raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, egg yolks, original fermented protein powder, coconut and bananas~ are all vitamin supplements in place; Avo on toast includes mixed feta, lemon and Mint, paired with pumpkin seeds, pepper and Himalayan salt, the taste cannot be more praised; and Raw Organic Zucchini Spaghetti GF/V is a one-time combination of butter and cashew, mushrooms, soybeans, tomatoes, and fresh herbs into a bowl of noodles. ! Come here to give your stomach a break!

Address: Shop 1,140 Ormond Rd Elwood, VIC 3184

电话 : 03 95310084


brighton schoolhouse in Brighton


A coffee shop that is famous because of the restaurant's signature lululemon-clad set menu~ The special thing is that many foods are namedNamed after the character in Super MarioOh! I recommend Private School Girl's Heirloom Tomatoes. I give you a lot of tomatoes. It is refreshing with toasted olive bread and guacamole! The waiters are very handsome, and the yard also provides a place for children to play. It is a good choice whether it is a sunny afternoon or a cold morning.

Address: 15 St Andrews Street Brighton, 3186

Phone: 03 9593 3129


◆Patch in Richmond


This is melbourneThe first retro cafe, The dining environment is very clean! Eggs, bacon, tomatoes, sweet potatoes~ In short, you can eat what the cave people eat here! The editor likes their Spanner Crab Omelette and spicy scrambled eggs with salted caramel slices the most. You can also add mushroom sauce yourself! If you want to eat high-energy food, you can try boiled eggs with beef, and add a sweet potato hash!

Address: 32 Bendigo Street Richmond, 3121

电话 : 03 90290328


Three bags full in Abbotsford


This is located in AbbotsfordFactory restaurantIt is always full~ and it is very full. If you don’t know how to order, you can try the chef’s special offer of the day. The food may look a little weird, but you won’t be disappointed! The Japanese beef burger can be regarded as the most juicy I have ever eaten. Whether it's the combination of black sesame and radish or the combination of avocado, tomato, and bacon, the coffee is definitely a must-try!

Address: 60 Nicholson Street Abbotsford, 3067

Phone: 03 9421 2732


Crowded House in Williamstow


The West is very hotIt’s a restaurant in Beijing~ The boiled eggs are very good, the time is just right, not too cooked or too raw. The color, taste and nutrition of corn and pumpkin pie are all in place. The most recommended cheese scones with raspberry sauce! On a sunny weekend, a cup of coffee in the yard is also good!

Address: 48 Ferguson Street Williamstown, 3016

电话 : 03 93975526


Brunswick street Alimentari in Fitzroy


This restaurant in Fitzroy is simplyPut every food as a work of artImagine that cocoa yogurt is sprinkled with coarse grains, fruits, and citrus powder. It is decorated with edible flowers. Just seeing all this, the saliva will definitely betray the essence of your food! The mozzarella and mushroom gnocchi tastes very strong; the suckling pork lasagna with privately prepared sauce is also full and delicious; if you still have room in your stomach, you can have tiramisu and coffee with milk, it will definitely suit your appetite!

Address: 251 Brunswick St Fitzroy, VIC 3065

电话 : 03 94162001


Industry Beans in Fitzroy


This is oneAward-winning restaurantOh~ the tall environment is designed, and some foods have very unique combinations. If you are interested in trying new flavors, you can come here to try the mushroom and crab salad~ To be on the safe side, choose good quality coffee with coconut pineapple Pastry or avocado toast, so-called enjoyment, but so!

Address: Warehouse 362 Rose Street Fitzroy, 3065 VIC

电话 : 03 94171034


Proud Mary in Collingwood


This restaurant is kind of coolRock fan~The breakfast menu is also highly recommended, especially the cheese toast with guacamole—goat cheese, freshly baked bread made at home, Rocket sauce with avocado, healthy and refreshing! Smoked bacon, mashed potatoes, organic poached eggs, and traditional Italian sauce made with anchovies, garlic and cream are also new and delicious! The owner, Nolan Hirte, is passionate about coffee, and the mocha here can be regarded as one of the best drinks in Melbourne!

Address: 172 Oxford Street Collingwood, 3066 VIC

电话 : 03 94175930

The article is reproduced from Dianping-Melbourne Station, edited by "Chinatown"


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