The China-Australia Free Trade Agreement spreads flowers to all people! Only these 3 kinds of people cry

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The China-Australia Free Trade Agreement, after a vigorous 3-year "love" long-distance race, finally came to a perfect end amidst the cheers of everyone. Chinese Minister of Commerce Gao Hucheng called it "one of the free trade agreements with the highest overall level of trade and investment liberalization that China has negotiated and signed so far." But when most people celebrated with flowers, three types of people shed tears. why? Let's take a closer look:

Let the purchasing agent cry in the toilet-Free Trade Agreement = Dairy Cow Agreement?

The signing of the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement allowed all Chinese mothers to dance the hula happily. They no longer have to look for people everywhere to buy imported milk powder.


Due to the popularity of Australian milk powder in China, some media even dubbed the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement as the "Dairy Cow Agreement." After the signing of the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement, Chinese mothers laughed. Who is crying? Probably the purchasing agents in Australia!

Fake intermediaries go to drink northwest wind-studying abroad is even more exciting, no longer afraid of "Shangyeji"

Within one year of the entry into force of the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement, 77 Australian higher education institutions are expected to be included in the official website of the Chinese Ministry of Education. These 77 educational institutions refer to educational institutions that have been registered with the Australian Federal Government for overseas student institutions and curriculum registration agencies (CRICOS).


This arrangement will help Chinese students studying abroad obtain accurate and authoritative information on Australian education services in a timely manner. Australia is a country dominated by public institutions. There are 37 public universities and 2 private universities in the country. No other institutions can be called "universities". Under the current situation of high profit temptation and the promotion of study abroad agents, the "Pheasant University" is in chaos, and the Ministry of Education will strengthen the supervision of the "Pheasant University".

In this way, international students no longer have to worry about spending a lot of money to study abroad. After years of hard work, they will get a useless diploma! Blackhearted intermediaries, go cry!

Working Holiday 462 Visa-Applicants shed the happiest tears


In the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement, there is another highly anticipated detailed rule that is the "Memorandum of Understanding on Holiday Work Visa Arrangements." Since 2014, my friends have taken the IELTS test and memorized English. Some friends even sorted out the Australian travel routes a year ago. I have been looking forward to it for so long, and finally waited until today!

Article reproduced from Sydney Today


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