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Compiled from the personal experience of a netizen:

Recently, I have been curious about why the price of Deyun milk powder is so low, why some people still say that the price of my Deyun milk powder is relatively high.

What surprised me even more was that someone in WeChat asked me to act as his agent (he is in China, he should be a second-level agent or a third-level agent), and the price of German Yunde was lower than my cost (he didn't know me I’m in Australia, and I’m still installing it in front of me.) Let me think about whether his boss’s cost price plus shipping costs only about 40 yuan. I wanted to scold him at the time, but I held back. I said about the agency, I will consider it. The profit of such fakes is at least 400%.

There is no doubt that even famous-brand bags and shoes can be copied in Chinese factories at will, not to mention a packaging bag of German milk powder. It is very possible to buy the expired or inferior milk powder and pack them in these domestic Deyun bags to look exactly the same as the real product. Attract a large number of agents to help him sell to all parts of the country through cheap.

Take a look at Taobao’s monthly sales of several hundred Deyun milk powder: the price is lower than my cost price.

Some people may ask: How can I buy the real product?

1. Australia direct mail, you can find the logistics information.

2. The price is moderate, not particularly low (if you want to fight a price war, there are definitely hidden secrets in it)

My experience made me discover that fakes are everywhere, and that there are more and more fakes on WeChat. Both the cover-up and the reason are almost seamless. It's a pity that I am an expert, he can't lie to me.

Summary: If you are willing to buy fake milk powder for dozens of dollars, it is better to buy domestic milk powder (after all, domestically produced genuine products). Illness comes from the mouth, fight against fakes, I hope everyone is healthy!

Article reprinted from Australia under the stars


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