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Although applying for Australian citizenship may be a tedious process, requiring you to take a naturalization test and attend the naturalization ceremony, there are many benefits to becoming an Australian citizen.

1 voting rights

As an Australian citizen, you can vote in any election, whether it is federal, state and territory, municipality, or in a referendum. This will give you a sense of responsibility and participation in determining the future of the country. For citizens, voting is also an obligation.

2 Participate in the general election

As an Australian citizen, you can participate in various types of elections. If you want to become a member of the Federal Parliament, you must not be able to hold dual citizenship unless you can prove that you have done everything possible to cancel the citizenship of another country.

3 Easier to find a job in government

After becoming an Australian citizen, you can apply to work in the Ministry of Defence or the Australian Public Affairs Department. Most jobs of this type require you to be an Australian citizen.

4 Free entry and exit in Australia will not be deported

After you get the Australian citizenship certificate, you can stay abroad as you like, no matter how long. You do not need to apply for a visa to enter Australia, and you will not be deported for criminal acts after becoming a citizen.

5 Apply for an Australian passport to travel around the world

As an Australian citizen, you can apply for an Australian passport. After getting an Australian passport, you can travel around the world more easily. Currently, more than 160 countries implement visa-free travel or visa-on-arrival travel for Australian citizens.

6 Obtaining Australian overseas consular assistance

Australia has many embassies or consulates overseas. During the journey, Australian citizens can seek assistance from consulates and embassies due to emergencies, such as natural disasters, accidents, deaths and other emergencies, or lose their passports.

7 Giving children overseas can also be considered an Australian citizen

If you are an Australian citizen, you can register your child born overseas as an Australian citizen. They have the same rights as citizens born in Australia.

8 Repay the tuition after work

One of the basic rights of Australian citizens is to apply for national student loans. This means that you can take courses first and then wait until your salary reaches the standard before repaying the country.

9 Enjoy simplified work visas to the U.S. and residency in New Zealand

As an Australian citizen, you can enjoy all-round residency rights in New Zealand without any time limit or loss of any rights. As an Australian citizen, if you have a professional job, you can apply for a simplified work visa to the United States.

10 Adopted children

Some Australian states and territories require that both or at least one of the parents applying for adoption be Australian citizens.

11 Representing Australia in sporting events

Many international competitions and sports activities require those who represent Australia to participate must be Australian citizens.


Article reprinted from "Australia Micro News"

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