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Departure from domestic airport

Before departure, you can activate international roaming on your mobile phone and find the airline counter one and a half hours earlierCheck in and baggage. At this timeThe main issues to note are :

1. There should be no food, plants and soil in the checked baggage, and no cold medicine.

2. There cannot be a single liquid exceeding 100 ml (about the size of a test tube), a knife, and cash exceeding 1 Australian dollars in carry-on luggage.

3. Suggested carry-on baggage: a small bag for passport, boarding pass, scheduled printout of round-trip air ticket, airport guide and emergency contact number, etc.; a pen (used when filling in the immigration card); a coat or scarf (you can When a quilt or pillow is used on an airplane); a bottle of cream (it will be very dry on an airplane, so it’s best to prepare a bottle); a lip balm (you can apply a little bit of it with your fingers when the nostrils are dry); an empty water cup (on an airplane) Fill the water cup when you eat, you can drink at any time).

4. The clothes should be loose, and the shoes should be comfortable and easy to put on and take off.

After checking in, find the international flight security check area and proceedSecurity check. Arrived after security checkDeparture point,get readyPassport, air ticketWaiting in lineKnock. After leaving the country, look at the boarding gate on the ticket, and then look up at the airport sign to find the boarding gate. If you still have time after you arrive at the boarding gate, you can visit the duty-free shops nearby.


usuallyStart boarding half an hour early; If you have not started boarding in about half an hour, you can pay attention to the instant message on the electronic card. After boarding, look at the seat number on the boarding pass, the cabin crew will guide you to the aisle leading to your location; when looking for a seat, look up at the number above the seat to find the location.

Transit in Hong Kong (if not directly to Australia)

After arriving in Hong Kong, if you don’t want to go sightseeing in the city of Hong Kong, you can rest in the airport. Hong Kong Airport has a full range of service facilities, thoughtful information desk services and a wealth of tourist information brochures. Someone will hold it at the international flight arrival point in the airportINTERNATIONAL TRANSFERIt’s a good choice to ask them how to transfer, or to consult the Chinese at the airport.

When connecting, Pay attention to the transfer information on the airport screen, the most important thing is to find the boarding gate for the transfer first. Find the flight number, the corresponding gate number, and the time of arrival and boarding of the plane on the screen. Pay attention to confirm the gate, because sometimes the airport will temporarily change the gate.

forholdJoint registration certificatePassengers, please follow the signs to any transit area and undergo security check. After confirming the boarding gate number and flight departure time, arrive at the boarding gate 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time of the flight.

forNo joint registration certificatePassengers, please confirm the transfer area of ​​the selected airline, and then follow the signs to go to the transfer area to complete passenger registration procedures and undergo security check. After confirming the boarding gate number and flight departure time, arrive at the boarding gate 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time of the flight.

On the plane

On the plane, you can ask the cabin crew to guide you to fill inentrance card, Or try to get acquainted with the Chinese next to you, just ask them for help.

After getting on the plane, you can loosen your clothes and shoes so that you can relax your neck and legs; if you are tired, you can stand up and take a walk in the aisle without sending a seat belt in the cabin. One or two hours after the plane takes off, it is recommended to start taking a rest. Add an extra coat during the rest. If it is cold, you can ask the airport attendant for an extra blanket. There are various entertainment programs on the plane, you can switch to Chinese mode by yourself, and then choose your favorite program. The small screen on the plane will show that there are several hours of flight time, and the plane will light up and wake everyone up an hour before landing.

The arrival card will be issued by the airport attendant when the plane is about to arrive at the destination.You can request the Chinese version of the immigration card.

note:Don't bring any unfinished food on the plane, so as not to bring unnecessary trouble to baggage inspection when passing through Australian customs!

After getting off the plane

After getting off the planeQueue entry, This time you have to prepare yourpassportAnd filled in beforeentrance card; If not, ask someone after getting off the plane and seek help from a staff member who can speak Chinese:

Excuse me, this is my first time in Australia, and I can't speak English at all. Could you please tell me that if there is any Chinese staff working here who can help me?

There will be two teams at the entry line, one holding an Australian passport and the other holding a passport of another country. Please follow most of the Chinese,Ranked among those holding non-Australian passports. When it’s your turn, print out your passport, entry card, and return air ticket reservation. If you see the customs officer talking to you, give him this passage:

Hello, my name is XXX. I come from XXX. This is my first time visiting Australia. Sorry I can’t speak English at all, so my daughter/son/friend wrote this for me. I come to Australia to visit my daughter/son/friend who is working in Australia. I will stay here for XXX days.I will stay with my daughter/son/friend at below address: xxx during my stay. Her name is XXX and contact mobile is XXXXXXX. You can also find my return ticket on XX of XX(返程日期)here.If you have any questions, can I bother you to get someone who could speak Chinese to help me please? Thank you!

After customs, take your luggage

It takes a few minutes from the place where the entry stamp to pick up your luggage, don’t worry, follow everyone else, everyone is in the same direction; you can also look upLuggage ClaimFollow along with the signboard. After arriving, if there are several aisles where luggage is placed, look at the small TV in the middle, which will display the carousel number of each flight’s luggage. If you are not sure, just ask the people around, or use the following words to ask the staff in uniform:

Excuse me, my name is XXX. I come from XXX. This is my first time visiting Australia. Sorry I can't speak English at all. Could youp lease tell me where to claim my luggage? My flight number is XXXXX, thank you .

Luggage usually does not come out 20 to 30 minutes after getting off the plane. Don't worry, wait patiently. You can go to the bathroom during your free time.

After picking up the luggage,Entering the Australian borderAt this time, the main check is to see if there are any prohibited items in the luggage. This process is similar to entering customs,Because there is no item to declare, remember to take the green (nothing to declare) channel; Look at the green passage on the ground, just walk along the green. When queuing, the border inspection staff will ask you for an immigration card and passport again, mainly to see if you have declared your items, then show them this English:

Hello, my name is XYZ. I come from XXX. This is my first time arriving Australia. Sorry I can’t speak English at all, so my daughter/son/friend wrote this for me. I don’t carry any prohibited items, such as food or medicine in my luggage, so I don’t have things to declare. Can you show mewhich way I should go, please? Thanks.If you have any questions, can I bother you to getsomeone who could speak Chinese to help me please?

Thank you!

Take the passage under the guidance of the border inspection staff. Sometimes you may be spot-checked and then take the red passage. The green channel will require all checked and carry-on baggage to pass through the scanner once, and the red channel will require you to open all the suitcases for inspection. Don't worry, you must cooperate slowly. Sometimes it is required to fill in another entry card, all of which are ticked in the NO column, indicating that there are no prohibited items; if you don't understand anything, ask someone else for help.

note:Even friends who are familiar with the conversation on the plane, don't help them take their luggage through security check...The respective luggage must be individually responsible.

The following dialogue may be useful, if you don’t know how to say it, just point it to Australians (first in English, then in Chinese)

Excuse me. I can't speak English. Could you please find a staff who can speak Chinese? Thank you very much.

sorry, I do not speak English. Can you find a staff member who can speak Chinese? thank you very much!

Excuse me. I don't speak English. My flight is xxx from xx. Here are my ticket and boarding pass. Would you tell me where the Baggage Claim is? Thank you very much.

Hello, I do not speak English. My flight is xxx flight from xx. This is my ticket and boarding pass. Where can I pick up my checked luggage? thank you very much!

How can I find a trolley?

How can I find a luggage cart?

If you have not picked up your luggage until the end (hope it will not happen), you can ask the staff. They will show you to the airline's service counter, and then you can use the following English:

Excuse me. I don't speak English. Here are my ticket and boarding pass. I couldn't find my check-in baggage. Could you please help me please?

Hello, I do not speak English. This is my ticket and registration card. I did not find my checked baggage, can you help me?

Other possible conversations and common words in airports

Pay attention to the signs at the airport, such as the boarding gate, baggage claim, toilet, etc., there will be large English signs. If you don’t know it, just look for it in the following common words to see if there is a corresponding Chinese. Hope that helps.

- Excuse me. Where is the bathroom please? Excuse me. Where is the bathroom please?

-Flight Number/No. Flight Number

- Check-in counter at the boarding gate (boarding point)

-Gate boarding gate

-Borading boarding

-Boarding Pass

- Baggage Claim


-Restroom (Women's women's bathroom; Men's men's bathroom)

- North North South South East East West West

-Level 1 first floor (floor)

-Level 2 second floor (floor)

-Level 3 third floor (building)

-Shuttle airport minibus

- Emergency Exit


- Airport

- Elevator/Lift

- Belt conveyor belt

- Arrival



- Domestic

-Departure takes off

-Information Center

- No Entry

- Goods to declare

- Nothing to declare

- VIP room


-Ticket office Scheduled time

-Actual time


-Public phone/pay phone


- Duty-free shop


-Post office

- Money/currency exchange





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