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What better way to spend the winter in Australia? Australia’s winter is always so beautiful when the sky is clear. Should you go to the top of a snow-capped mountain and look down on the earth, go snorkeling on the most beautiful beach in the world, or just laze in the tropical rain forest?


This mountainous area, which is worth spending time to visit this summer, becomes a white holiday wonderland in winter. If you have a ski super pass, then you will be able to visit Australia's steepest piste. Even if you don’t go skiing, you can enjoy a cup of hot chocolate while roasting in a warm holiday house. Mt. Hotham and Perisher Mountains are the full version of the snow time zone!


Disappearing in the winter crowd in your own way, an adventure to Western Australia will let you find yourself. In the mountains where there is no one, there is a mountain bike trail that extends to the ends of the world. If it is catching a little rain and you hear raindrops falling crisply between the ears, this is simply the easiest way to decompress. Nothing compares to the combination of winter outdoor sports and one or two wineries in Southwest Australia.


This spectacular mountain comes from a national park in central New South Wales. The remnants of a large volcano prove its existence 18 to 15 years ago. There are great winter walks along the rocks and fossils. Writer and mountaineer Lincoln Hall said: “In winter, you can enjoy long walks and the dramatic brilliance of climbing to the top of the volcano.”


This small beach island, listed as a World Heritage Site, is located on the southern coast of Queensland, close to Hervey Bay. It is a perfect escape from the cold. This area has more than 100 freshwater lakes, ancient tropical rain forests, and long white sandy beaches. It has had comfortable and pleasant winter temperatures since the 20th century.


Located on the west coast of Australia, 2600 kilometers northwest of Perth is the famous Christmas Island. The temperature on Christmas Island is not much different throughout the year. Its land and waters breed a wide range of wild animals, including red crabs, which migrate from forests to oceans in large numbers every year.


Mt. Barney National Park is home to the six peaks of the same name. It is also home to a wide variety of plants. This is an open park mixed with forests, tropical rainforests and shrubs. Walking on unmarked pristine trails, or hiking all the way to the top of the mountain, is a very precious experience.


Located at the top border of Australia, Cape York is a true holiday destination. Together with a few people, immerse yourself in the peace that the tropical zone brings. Adventurer and photographer Derek Morrison said: "Warm weather, incredible jungle, crystal clear streams and waterfalls, and even the chance to encounter giant lizards."


It is 5 kilometers away from the Mt. Kosciuszko mountain range, which is the best and craziest country ski trail in Australia, surrounded by rocks. If you are lucky, you can see many precious wild animals.


In winter, it is better to lazily hide in the heating than to see the crowds at the well-known tourist hotspots. However, Australia's real leisure and holiday area is still not known by the majority of Chinese people. Only if you have been in contact with these 8 tourist attractions can you say that you have lived in Australia.

News compiled from "Australia Micro News"

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