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According to "News Australia", the cold air in Antarctica has brought us the coldest weather in 15 years. Although the worst has passed, it is expected that the entire eastern region of Australia will still snow due to the cold current. The temperature will continue for a while. Let’s take a look at the “wild” snow scene in Australia in 15 years~


People who live in Orange, NSW wake up to see the beauty of this magical white home


 Fortunately, the grass and mud horses in Orange have thick fur to keep warm


Skiers will be very happy to see it, Perisher has fallen more than 24cm of snow in 25 hours


Wonderland covered in snow at Falls Creek


It's snowing in Tenterfield in northern NSW


A 110-year-old cottage in the Walcha area near NSW was stained white by heavy snow


Snow covers the road on Brown Mountain in NSW


On the border between NSW and Queensland, Mount Mackenzie near Tenterfield also snowed


In Mount Mackenzie, a family parked their car on the side of the road and got off to have a snowball fight


Snowball fight at Mount Mackenzie


Harry Fardon (left) and his sister Caitlin are enjoying playing in the snow


On Sunday morning, snow hit the ski slopes in Perisher


Three-year-old Ned Clark is enjoying the snow in Belalie North, South Australia


The golf course in Orange is covered with snow



By the driveway of Orange, the trees are covered with a blanket of snow


Residents in the Orange area woke up to find thick snow on the body

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Many residents braved the cold weather to take pictures of the beautiful snow scene

News compiled from "Australia News Network", "ABC News", "9NEWS", "Chinatown" compilation report

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