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Melburnians love sports by nature, no matter whether it is cold or hot, they will not let go of any opportunity to exercise outdoors. Without the bronzed body of surfing on st kilda in summer, Melburnians love to drive to the snowy mountains to ski from July to September, and it has become a must-see for many Melburnians in winter. Today, the editor will take you to see which ski resorts around Melbourne, make a self-service ski tour in Melbourne, and explore this white and quiet world of ice and snow.

Ski equipment
If you only play once or twice to buy a full set of ski equipment is more expensive, it is recommended to rent ski equipment. General ski resorts and small towns on the road can be rented. Usually, if you rent equipment in a ski resort, the price will be higher and you need to pay it back before 4 o'clock. If you want to rent equipment before you travel, you can choose to order online. For clothes, it is best to wear waterproof and windproof clothes and waterproof gloves. In this way, even if you fall down, you will not be afraid that your clothes will get wet and freeze, which is very warm. You can also bring an extra set of clothes to change after skiing.

The cost of skiing mainly includes fuel costs, tickets, rental ski equipment, cable cars and other costs. Of course, it also depends on your specific situation, and the estimated cost is 200-400 (not including accommodation). In the peak ski season everyone try to book accommodation as early as possible.



1. The snow-capped mountains are generally far away. If you do not plan to stay, you must travel as soon as possible.
2. Before planning a trip, remember to check the weather forecast and snow conditions on the official website of Snow Mountain.
3. If there is snow on the Panshan Road up the mountain, you must pay attention to safety when driving. From July to August, each car needs to be equipped with anti-skid chains. There will be a rental location before the mountain. The price is about 7 dollars a day.
We have already done the precautions for ski preparation. Now let's choose the ski resort that suits us!See below for transportation information and ski accommodation.
Address: Great Alpine Rd, Hotham Heights, Victoria 3741
Phone: +03 5759 4444

Mount Hotham is Melbourne’s highest alpine ski resort and enjoys the “snow powder capital” of Australia. It is about 370 kilometers away from Melbourne, and it takes about 4 and a half hours by car. With Victoria’s highest mountain resort center, you can enjoy the magnificent snowy landscape, as well as day spa and ski school facilities. The whole family can enjoy skiing together. There are more than a dozen school districts according to the difficulty of Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. However, there are only two areas for beginners. The rest are steep hills. The difficult curves are designed for high-level skiers to challenge.Most people choose to drive by themselves when they go to the ski resort, but if there is no transportation, there are also buses from the ski resort to help you get there.Because many groups choose to go skiing in Hotham, the accommodation here ranges from two-bedroom apartments to sixteen-bedroom apartments, and there is always one suitable for you.Andromeda

There are different styles of accommodation in andromeda village. In addition to cabins suitable for sharing with family and friends, there are also warm residences suitable for couples.


1750 Hotham – 4

640-387 640-388

Falls creek

Address: 1 Slalom St, Falls Creek VIC 3699
Phone: (03) 5758 1200

About a 5-hour drive northeast from Melbourne, it is the largest alpine resort in Victoria. It has more than 90 downhill ski trails, 20 cross-country ski trails, and accommodation services that can truly ski in and out, and more particularly It is also the only resort in Australia that allows adults to drive their own snowmobiles. There is also the Snow Dragon, which children love. There is also a helicopter that you can take to overlook the panorama of the snow-capped mountains.


Transportation: Falls creek is 391 kilometers away from Melbourne. You can choose to drive to the ski resort by car. It takes about 5 hours to reach the resort. Public transportation is also very developed. You can take the Falls creek coach service from the southern cross railway station in the center of Melbourne to the ski resort. Now FALLS CREEK also has a helicopter shuttle service at the two departure points of Mt Beauty and Albury, and it only takes 6 minutes to get to the ski resort!

Altezza 1570 Falls Creek

Many of the accommodations in Falls Creek are close to the center of the ski resort, and you can walk to the nearby supermarkets within a few steps. If you plan to stay a few more days, cook here and watch the snowy scenery, you must be reluctant to go!

Mt Buller 

Address: Mt Buller Rd, Mount Buller, Victoria 3723
Phone: 03 5777 7200 | Freecall: +1800 039 049

Mount Buller Ski Resort (Mount Buller) in Mansfield County, Melbourne is a popular ski resort in Melbourne. The reason why the ski resort is popular is that public transportation is relatively convenient, and the accommodation options and peripheral facilities are complete. The important thing is that both beginners and advanced snow lovers can have a good skiing experience here.The Buller Mountain Ski Resort covers an area of ​​more than 300 hectares of snow. 25% of the slopes are for beginners, 45% are suitable for intermediate skiers, and 30% for advanced and advanced skiers. For more exciting skiing, the ski resort is designed with a cross-country ski trail about 9 kilometers long. The cable car of Mount Buller ski resort can transport more than 40000 tourists per hour. It is the cable car system with the largest passenger capacity in the local ski resorts. If you don’t want to take the cable car, there are also two magic carpets (Magic Carpet). On the conveyor belt, snow friends ride on alternative tools while admiring the natural landscape around the ski resort. There are more than 2 bars and restaurants here, perfect for both skiing holidays.


Mt Baw Baw 

Address: 32 Currawong Rd, Mt Baw Baw, Victoria 3833

Mt Baw Baw Ski Resort is located 160 kilometers east of Melbourne on the Mornington Peninsula, about 2 hours’ drive. The entire snow field is surrounded by a national park, and you can also take a helicopter to overlook the entire national park with beautiful scenery. There are 16 ski trails and 7 cable cars. The terrain here is relatively flat compared to other ski resorts and is very suitable for beginner skiers. In the service area, you can rent ski equipment, ski suits, hats and glasses, sledges and other equipment. The accommodation conditions are high, middle and low to meet the needs of different tourists.
Alpine Backpackers640-396

Affordable student apartment accommodation. Close to the ski slopes, prices start at $45 per night. It is suitable for one-day and one-night trips, as a backpacker.

Lake Mountain

Address: 1071 Lake Mountain Rd, Marysville VIC 3779
Phone: (03) 5957 7222
This snow-capped mountain is only a 2-hour drive east of Melbourne. The ski trails are also divided into five grades and 11 ski trails according to their difficulty, with the highest point being 1480 meters. Ski equipment can be rented, and catering and accommodation facilities are provided.
When you come to Melbourne in winter, remember not to miss Melbourne skiing. Let yourself dive down from the white snow ridge, and experience the wonderful rhythm of the rustling sound of yourself and the snowboard in the wilderness!640-397 640-398

stay-Friendly home-style experience
Lake Mountain is located in a small town around Melbourne, and many locals choose to spend their holidays there if not during the ski season. Many houses in the town are rented out to tourists who come here all year round, and many news about house renting can be directly found on the Internet.


Article reprinted from Dianping-Melbourne Station

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