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When it comes to domestic violence, the first thing that comes to mind in many people is that men commit violence and women suffer. In addition to the patriarchal society, women are passive factors. Another important reason is that men are generally stronger than women. How can a strong man be beaten up by a weak woman? I believe many people will think this way.

However, now society is becoming more and more equal, and it has also begun to enter the age of prosperity. In addition, women are already strong, but in the relationship between the sexes, the victimization of men has become common. At this time, there must be a man standing up and complaining: "Big brother, you finally said what I feel." Well, the editor defaulted, it's not that men are too weak, but some women are too bad.

One such man from August was beaten by his girlfriend because he refused to have sex with his girlfriend. The British "Daily Telegraph" reported that a 35-year-old woman named Tabatha Lee Grooms was detained on charges of assaulting her boyfriend. The cause of the incident was that he was in estrus after drinking and asked his boyfriend Carlos Rodrecus Grace to have sex with him. Unexpectedly, she was rejected by her boyfriend. In a rage, he beat her boyfriend with alcohol. And put her boyfriend in the toilet. Fortunately, his boyfriend was not completely killed, so he dialed 911 and called the police.

The picture shows the woman's true face. Many readers must have guessed the reason why the man refused to have sex, right? Just want to say to the man, we sympathize with you.


according toRichmond police, the woman was arrested at 6 pm on June 24. On the day of the incident, Tabatha returned home, and when she saw her boyfriend on the sofa, she shouted to have sex with other men because her boyfriend was refusing her sex request. So she began to beat her boyfriend on the sofa. Specific methods include scratching his face, head and neck, and biting his boyfriend’s arm. Unfortunately, not only the man, but also his mother who lives with him. The violent woman also punched her boyfriend's mother Betty Clark in the left eye. After the police arrived, Tabatha refused the police's inquiry about the assault, but the woman admitted that she drank a lot of alcohol.

Because of beating a womanTabatha was charged with domestic violence and assault and was to serve a sentence in local jail.

itsrealMaleThisNot a male victimSpecial case. In Japan, deadline2010年,男性受害者数量一直维持在1000以下。但在2011年,首次超过了1000人,并在2012年达到了2372人次。2013年增至3281人次。(难道男性受害者数量和玛雅人预言的世界末日也有关系?)

After consultation, it was found that the wife’s domestic violence was mainly caused by "problems in work and career, which led to the wife's mental instability and constant domestic violence" and "the girlfriend's knives facing each other in the relationship." (It seems that men have to move bricks and work hard to make money, otherwise you will be the next target of domestic violence).

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