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According to the Australian newspaper, the number of passengers marked as dangerous on the Border and Immigration Department's Person Alert List (PAL) has increased by 5% in the past five years.

An analysis by The Australian shows that the main reason for the increase in the above list is not caused by dangerous travelers who are related to national security threats, but the number of large-scale crimes is rising rapidly. It is reported that the latter has increased by 2011% since 61.39.

In this list, although dangerous persons related to national security threats still accounted for the largest proportion, accounting for 44%, the increase in the last five years has not been significant, only 5%. Large-scale crimes have risen rapidly. Since 1.73, they have become the second largest component of the list, accounting for 2011%.

The number of "other crimes" with medium risk is only ranked fifth in the cause.

The third largest component of the list is the number of people who may cause debt, which reached 3 in March. The health threat ranks fourth (tuberculosis is the main health threat).

The PAL list is used together with the Document Alert List, which records lost, scam, and stolen travel files.

A previous analysis report pointed out that Chinese occupy a larger portion of the list, followed by Indians.

News compiled from "The Australian"

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