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Under Australian law, in addition to marriage, De facto Relationship is also recognized. You can apply for PR if you live together for more than one year.

XNUMX. Basic requirements for cohabitation relationship:

① Both parties are at least 18 years old
② Cohabitation relationship for at least 12 months
③ Can be of the same sex
④ Cohabitation relationship is applicable to spouse visa, accompanying student visa, and vice-applicant for other visas, etc.

12. What if XNUMX months are not met?

There are reasons for sympathy, such as:
- pregnant
– Have children in common (adopted, etc.)

XNUMX. The visa officer will review the cohabitation relationship from the following four aspects:

Economic links, such as:
-Joint account, account opening time, whether the account is active
– Co-branded real estate, automobiles, home appliances, etc.
– Joint loan
-Common expenses (such as water, electricity, coal, internet, telephone, etc.)

Family nature, such as:
– Joint real estate
-Joint rental contract
– Joint rent receipt
-Public expenditure bills (such as water, electricity, coal, internet, telephone, etc.)
-Letters from each party (to the same address)

Social connection, such as
– Proof of registration with the local state government
-Joint members of organizations or groups
– Travel together
– Joint plan for the future

Mutual commitment, such as
– The joint statement of the two parties elaborates the two parties from getting acquainted to deciding to be together and their future plans
– A friend’s statement needs to be written by an Australian PR or citizen friend, or it can be replaced by the Form888 form of the Immigration Bureau

Four, some special problems

A brief separation does not affect the 12-month cohabitation relationship

– For example, A and B are married and have lived together for 8 months, but because their visa expires, B needs to leave Australia. After 4 months, as long as their relationship still exists, sufficient evidence and reasonable explanations, The visa officer will still recognize the 12-month relationship that meets the conditions.

Five, same-sex relationship

In the country where the applicant is located, there is a law expressly prohibiting same-sex relationships. It is necessary to provide the legal provisions of the relevant country, and it is recommended to submit the application after having accumulated 12 months of relationship in Australia.


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