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Pre-editor: Now, in China, there is an occupational income of several hundred thousand. Not a high-level corporate official, nor a CEO, but a farmer! What, farmers, are pigs raised next door to my hometown? Yes, that's right. This is the job, and the annual salary is hundreds of thousands. In the turbulent world economy, I witnessed the bond crisis and the stock market plunge. After careful consideration, I feel that being a farmer is really good. Be self-sufficient, earn money, exercise, and breathe fresh air.

High-paid farmer

More and more young men born in the 90s are giving up high-paying jobs in the city to obtain research opportunities. Dadao returned to his hometown and started to be a farmer. Recently, Shaanxi Province has certified the second batch of 182 senior professional farmers with an annual income of several hundred thousand yuan. Huashang Daily compiled the age of this senior professional farmer and found that the average age of this group was only 38.6 years old. 55% of them are under the age of 40, and the youngest is only 22 years old. He is a pig farmer who has only started his business for two years. There are 30 people under the age of 42, accounting for more than one-fifth of the total.

Although China has been farming men and women weaving since ancient times, 182 of the 22 high-level professional farmers are women, and their average age is only 36 years old. Although these people are farmers, most of them are high-achieving students from China Agricultural University, Northwest A&F University, Northwest University and other universities.


State fund subsidies, policy support

In addition to high wages, what is the potential of agriculture? The future of agriculture is bright. This is not groundless, but official news and support.

President Xi Jinping said that farmers should never be forgotten. According to a report from Xinhua News Agency on July 7, President Xi Jinping pointed out during a recent investigation in Jilin that he should never forget peasants, ignore agriculture, and be indifferent to rural areas. We must always adhere to the policy of strengthening farmers and benefiting farmers and rich peasants without weakening, and promoting an all-round well-off in rural areas without letting up. Xi Jinping also emphasized to improve the integration mechanism of urban and rural development, accelerate the construction of modern agriculture, accelerate the increase of farmers' income and accelerate the construction of a new socialist countryside.


China must be strong, agriculture must be strong

The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council issued the "Opinions on Strengthening Reform and Innovation and Accelerating Agricultural Modernization" on February 2. The document puts forward the key tasks for agriculture and rural areas in 1. The primary task is to accelerate the transformation of agricultural development methods around the construction of modern agriculture. According to a report from Chinanews.com, at the two sessions this year, Premier Li Keqiang emphasized the need to accelerate agricultural modernization when he negotiated to "coordinate to promote stable economic growth and structural optimization."


Internet giants are also playing agriculture

Liu Qiangdong's Jingdong is expanding like the sun never sets. However, Qiangdong did not forget the people's livelihood, and started a business of self-produced and sold organic rice.

Netease's CEO Ding Lei also publicly stated that there will be an open pig raising class and put the pig raising model on the Internet.

Even Jack Ma has included agriculture in the scope of the plan, and he hopes to extend e-commerce to 20 rural areas in China. Let the countryside feel the real urban life, and at the same time transport agricultural and sideline products to cities through e-commerce. Ma Yun said that it will invest 100 billion yuan in three to five years to establish 1000 county-level operation centers and 10 village-level service stations.


Although the editor does not understand agriculture, he understands the Internet. If agriculture and the Internet can be perfectly combined in the future, farmers will become experts because of information. The sharing of knowledge will enable more people to understand agriculture and participate in agricultural development. Therefore, the editor is still optimistic about Internet giants entering agriculture. At the same time, this emerging industry can bring many new jobs and promote employment.

Finally, what I want to say is that Australia’s next growth point is also agriculture, and more and more Chinese are buying Australian farms. Moreover, Australia and China are gradually establishing cooperation in agriculture. It shows that now agriculture is really more and more favored. However, this article only provides objective information and some suggestions based on professional knowledge. However, it will take time to test the future development of agriculture. However, people rely on food as their heaven, and I believe that China's agriculture will have a bright future.

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