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Preface: Miyabao is an e-commerce company for mothers and babies. In China, there are many e-commerce companies like Miyabao. The most conservative number of newborns in China is 1600 million each year. Coupled with the one-child policy for many years, this provides the best fertile ground for China's maternal and child e-commerce. But what is worrying is that the Chinese maternal and child e-commerce companies trusted by countless mothers have mixed good and bad, and fake sales are serious. Just find a trademark and it will become milk powder from Australia or the Netherlands overnight! Australia and the Netherlands have implemented strict restrictions on the sale of milk powder, but some domestic maternal and child e-commerce companies dare to claim that they directly stock milk powder in the state-owned warehouse for milk powder production! Poor the little babies who are waiting to be fed and the mothers who have spent a lot of money! Thanks to Phoenix Technology, in such an impetuous age, it actually spent so much energy and time investigating and tracking related events. Baby is strong, China is strong! Let’s send a strong article--

At present, Mi Bu Bao is involved in fake products such as trolleys, safety seats, and Kao diapers. Recently, its Australian product Deyun milk powder has been exploded again, and its tough attitude has disappointed more consumers. Phoenix Technology recently questioned its Dutch milk powder procurement channels! ! Let Mi Bu Bao once again become the target of European purchasing agents.

Honey bud baby direct mail milk powder is popular to buy milk powder is difficult to verify authenticity

Phoenix Technology recently reported exclusively on "Mother and baby e-commerce Mi Bubao suspected of selling counterfeit goods, and the procurement channels are questionable." According to the investigation of Phoenix Technology, the official promotion of "100% genuine guarantee" and "only direct purchase from the brand, general agent, and country of origin" of the honey bud baby, its sales of Magroland strollers and Britax safety seats are not Procurement directly from the brand and general agent. At the same time, the Magroland stroller is suspected to be fake.

Since it was a Taobao store, Miyabao has been promoting "the earliest merchants to popularize the concept of authentic licensed Kao diapers, and they have publicly shared the procurement channels, Weibo live broadcasts and the contract process of the brand". Phoenix Technology has also verified that there are many doubts.

Faced with doubts from the media and consumers, on the afternoon of the 24th, the product page of the Miya Baby website began to display the brand authorization letter, and provided the electronic version of the authorization letter and self-certification channels for mothers in doubt.

However, according to Phoenix Technology’s investigation, the authorization letter of Miyabao confirmed that some of its products were not “purchased directly from the brand and general agent” as it advertised. At the same time, Miyabao, which publicized the brand authorization letter, could not get rid of the doubts about procurement channels. For specific content, please refer to the exclusive report of Phoenix Technology, "My Bud Baby Publicity Authorization Letter is self-certified, but the pre-sale products are parallel imports? ".

In addition to baby products such as diapers, many consumers have also bought baby food for Miyabao. Among them, overseas direct mail milk powder is a star category favored by consumers. According to statistics from Phoenix Technology, as of the early morning of the 24th, the sales of 5 types of Nutrilo milk powder sold in the Netherlands overseas direct mail on the honey bud baby totaled 14946 barrels, calculated at 180 yuan per barrel, and the transaction amount exceeded 260 million yuan.

Why does Miyabao attract so many consumers to purchase milk powder overseas through it?

Miyabao’s website shows that from March to August 2014, it “built its own warehouses” in Germany, the Netherlands, Australia, and the United Kingdom. At the same time, Miyabao has always promoted its direct mail milk powder "first-hand supply guarantee, 3% local direct sourcing", "no handover, no wholesale". Take Dutch milk powder as an example. After a consumer places an order at Mi Bubao, the milk powder is shipped from the Netherlands to the consumer's address.

Consumers of mothers have always trusted Honey Bud Baby, and believe that its promised direct sourcing and direct mail from overseas sources can bring babies the safest and most assured milk powder. Many mothers said in the Miyabao QQ group that their children have been eating milk powder purchased from Miyabao since birth.

Mibubab has been suspicious about the procurement channels, and the baby products sold are suspected to be fakes. This undoubtedly touched the sensitive nerves of Mibubab mothers and consumers. They can't help but doubt the direct mail milk powder and complementary foods purchased on Mibubab. Can’t afford inspections in your purchasing channels?

However, the products purchased by overseas agents cannot be verified at the general agency like licensed products, nor can they be judged from their appearance. Even if the products purchased by agents are sent for inspection, it is impossible to determine whether they are genuine. The commodity producer is a foreign company, and verification is difficult. Consumers want to find evidence to judge the authenticity and thus it is difficult to defend their rights.

Is the “self-built warehouse in the place of origin” promoted by Miyabao’s overseas direct mail milk powder, “first-hand supply guarantee, 100% local direct sourcing” really trustworthy? Phoenix Technology is trying to trace the source of the "Dutch Direct Mail Milk Powder" it sells from its purchase channels and warehouses in the Netherlands.

Phoenix Technology has conducted multiple verifications. The "Netherlands direct mail cow pen milk powder, guaranteed by first-hand supply, 100% local direct sourcing" and "self-built warehouse in the Netherlands" promoted by Honey Bud Baby cannot withstand scrutiny.

Dutch purchase limit and 30 barrels of copy receipts

In terms of supply, the direct mail introduction of Miya Baby Milk Powder stated, “We insist on purchasing directly from the supermarket in the most laborious and time-consuming, but also the most reliable way, not only to ensure that the procurement channel is 100% controllable, but also to ensure that the date is up to date”. In order to ensure that it is a regular source of milk powder from the Dutch direct mail of Honey Bud Baby, like other overseas purchasing channels, the local newspaper and supermarket shopping receipts are included in the package.

It is precisely the small ticket attached to the direct mail milk powder of Mi Bu Bao that makes Phoenix Technology start to doubt its supply.

Earlier, there were media reports that Dutch supermarkets imposed purchase restrictions on infant milk powder. Each person can purchase up to 2 barrels at a time. Phoenix Technology has contacted many friends living in the Netherlands. They confirmed that Dutch supermarkets are still restricting the purchase of infant milk powder. The supermarket can only buy a barrel.

However, according to the small ticket provided by the consumer’s mother and the small ticket in the consumer's list on the honey bud baby, Phoenix Technology found that in the case of the Dutch government restricting the purchase of baby milk powder, the Dutch direct mail bullpen provided by the honey bud baby There are dozens or even hundreds of barrels on the milk powder receipts, among which many consumers received 30 barrels in the direct mail milk powder receipts.


Numerous naughty baby milk powder receipts provided by mother consumers

Note: Among the four small tickets, the one on the left is the C1000 supermarket small ticket, with a total of 638 barrels. The three small tickets on the right are almost exactly the same. It can be seen from the phone that they are from the same etos supermarket, and the number is 30 barrels. Two of them are issued on July 2014, 7 and one is on July 1, 2014. Different but the time is 7:5 (please pay attention to these details).

How did Miyabao buy such a large amount of milk powder from supermarkets with limited purchases? Some consumers have questioned their customer service about the quantity in the small ticket. The customer service responded that Miyababy has a cooperation with a local Dutch supermarket, and that "small supermarkets will definitely be willing to ship products at a higher price." The official customer service of Honey Bud Baby once stated that their sources in the Netherlands are supermarkets such as C1000 and etos, both of which are local supermarket chains.


Screenshot of Mi Bu Baby's commitment to the supply of goods and the response to the question on the quantity purchased on the receipt

So has Miyabao cooperated with the supermarket?

Phoenix Technology called the small ticket provided by the mother consumer and called the supermarket chain etos that issued multiple 30-bucket small tickets. The supermarket staff said that the purchase of baby milk powder is now restricted, and if it is a Chinese, you can only buy 1 bucket. When Phoenix Technology asked him whether the supermarket had cooperated with a Chinese company, he said, "I personally have not heard of it, and we need to wait for the boss to consult after work on Monday."

In addition, a consumer's mother said that she had also called the local supermarket on the receipt, and the supermarket denied that it had issued a receipt of more than 600 barrels of milk powder. This news has not been confirmed by Phoenix Technology.

For the time being, I believe that Miyabao can purchase a large amount of goods in Dutch supermarkets by increasing prices, but the shopping receipts it provides to consumers are still full of doubts. Because the small tickets provided by Miyabao to consumers are not originals but copies.

There are also consumer mothers who have asked why the receipt is a photocopy. The response given by the customer service of Mibubab is that the Dutch side needs to keep the original and only provide a photocopy.

Phoenix Technology has learned from consumers who have purchased milk powder overseas. They said that for milk powder purchased through other channels, the seller will provide the original receipt to prove the authenticity, and due to the purchase limit, a box of 6 barrels of milk powder is often accompanied by 3 receipts .

Faced with inquiries from angry mothers and consumers asking for the original, Mi Bu Baby’s customer service said that it was impossible to show the company secrets involved.


A screenshot of the response of Mi Bu Baby's customer service to consumers' request for the original receipt

Miyabao has always claimed that "first-hand supply guarantee, 100% local direct sourcing", "no handover, no wholesale" why the receipt provided is a copy? In the face of doubts, why have they refused to show the original receipts or related supermarket purchase orders to prove their innocence? What company secrets are involved in the original receipt?

The supermarket receipts were in trouble retrospectively. Phoenix Technology tried to find the “self-built warehouse” promoted by the honey bud baby in the Netherlands through the express records of the Dutch direct mail milk powder provided by the honey bud baby.

"Self-built warehouse" doubts

Miyabao advertises that it "builds its own warehouse in the Netherlands", "The Dutch milk powder will be shipped to your home by POSTNL by air after it is out of the warehouse." According to the order number provided by the mother consumers, Phoenix Technology inquired about the cow pen milk powder purchased by the consumers on Miyababy. The sender was "miyababy" and the address was "melbournestraat 14 14, 1175 RM Lijnden Nederland".


Inquiry screenshot of Honey Bud Baby Dutch Direct Mail Milk Powder Express

Note: Phoenix Technology searched melbournestraat 14 14, 1175 RM Lijnden on Google Maps and the results of melbournestraat 14, 1175 RM Lijnden were consistent. In addition, Google Maps shows that the block where the address is located is "melbournestraat", "melbournestraat+number" should be the house number, melbournestraat 14 14 and melbournestraat 14 are the same address or one of the rooms.

Through a multi-party search, Phoenix Technology found that this address registered two companies "Alimama Amsterdam BV" and "Postshop Amsterdam BV". Phoenix Technology then called a merchant near this address and confirmed that there is indeed an "Alimama" company next door. , And the people working there are Chinese.

"Postshop" can be identified as a mailing company in English. At the same time, according to Phoenix Technology, "Alimama Amsterdam BV" is a company engaged in the import and export of baby food and non-food products.



Screenshot of Dutch website

Through further search, Phoenix Technology found that the address "melbournestraat 14 1175 RM Lijnden" appeared in a post of "The Royal Dutch Mail China Special Line Provides You with the Best Postal Solution" of Alibaba "Tao Gang".

In the post, the merchant stated that it is "a local post office company affiliated with Royal Dutch Post" and "the owner of Postshop, who has been in the TNT POST post office system for 30 years". "Melbournestraat 14 1175 RM Lijnden" address is its airport warehouse, providing direct mail service from Holland to China.

The post shows that the company is not only a courier service, but also a Taobao overseas purchaser selling Dutch baby milk powder and other products. This is also consistent with the registration of the two companies previously retrieved by Phoenix Technology at one address.

In the Taogang’s post, the merchant introduced, “Our customers are all well-known stores selling milk powder on the TAOBAO website.” “The company’s airport warehouse is located in the mother and child of Alimama in the Netherlands. It can be checked".

The poster introduced in another post that it was originally a company that sold women's clothing and had a factory in Suzhou. After frequent problems with domestic milk powder, it saw the demand for overseas purchasing milk powder and began to engage in the baby food purchasing service.

The "Netherlands Alimama Mother and Infant" mentioned in the post is the "Alimama Amsterdam BV" company investigated by Phoenix Technology to work for Chinese people. According to Tao Gang, the company also operates an overseas purchase Taobao and an overseas Tmall store, and sells Dutch direct mail milk powder, of which Nutrilo cow pen milk powder is priced at 175 yuan per barrel.

The delivery address of Honey Bud Baby Dutch direct mail milk powder is also an import and export trading company engaged in express service from the Netherlands to China and milk powder purchasing. The company also operates overseas Taobao stores.

Afterwards, Phoenix Technology carefully compared the display picture of its "self-built warehouse Dutch warehouse" on the Dutch direct mail milk powder page of the Honey Bud Baby website and the picture of the warehouse of the import and export trading company engaged in Dutch milk powder purchase in the post, and found that both There are similarities in building materials, warehouse design and the floor of the warehouse entrance.


The Dutch warehouse picture in the introduction of Honey Bud Baby Dutch Direct Mail Milk Powder


Image of warehouse of import and export trading company engaged in purchasing milk powder in the Netherlands

Note: The green and red frames respectively circle the warehouse doors and ground of the two warehouse pictures.

As Phoenix Technology was unable to conduct on-site investigations, it could not confirm whether the “self-built warehouse” of Honey Bud Baby and the company’s warehouse belonged to the same warehouse.

The traceability of the warehouse address ended in the inability to conduct on-site inspections. Phoenix Technology tried to contact the "Alimama Amsterdam BV" and "Postshop Amsterdam BV" companies where the Dutch direct mail milk powder was shipped from Honey Bud Baby by other means.

Phoenix Technology discovered that the address "melbournestraat 14 1175 RM Lijnden" appeared in a post on a Dutch trade website, which also indicated that it was a Postshop company that provided express services from Holland to China and had a customer service QQ. Phoenix Technology communicated with it as a Dutch purchasing milk powder seller.

During the exchange, Phoenix Technology purchased a limited amount of milk powder from a Dutch friend, and asked the customer service whether the company can provide milk powder supply. The customer service said that it can, and it can be partly or completely provided by them. The price is settled in RMB, 160 yuan per barrel for the bullpen, and 130 yuan per barrel for US Su, both of which are free shipping.


Screenshot of the conversation between Phoenix Technology and customer service

Phoenix Technology then asked whether its supply of goods was sufficient and guaranteed. The customer service said that the number of milk powder purchases in Dutch supermarkets is currently limited, and they have sufficient supply from the manufacturer, and invited Phoenix Technology to its warehouse at "melbournestraat 14 1175 RM Lijnden", saying, "Just look at it and rest assured." If you are not at ease, they can only provide express delivery services.


Screenshot of the conversation between Phoenix Technology and customer service

Note: According to industry insiders who are familiar with overseas purchasing milk powder, it is revealed to Phoenix Technology that the Dutch milk powder mentioned by the Daigou company is produced by manufacturers for local sales and cannot be exported. At the same time, the cow pen milk powder is imported by Chinese companies through regular channels. Such import and export trading companies simply cannot get the goods from Dutch milk powder manufacturers.

After inquiring about the source of goods, Phoenix Technology began to inquire whether it was possible to issue a small supermarket ticket. The customer service said, "We provide a copy." He also showed Phoenix Technology a copy of the electronic version that can be provided. The electronic version is "a small ticket with a quantity of 30 barrels". The customer service said that it is also possible to issue a separate small ticket for two barrels, but it costs 50 yuan. He suggested that Phoenix Technology buy a separate small ticket, "otherwise it is really troublesome."


Screenshot of the conversation between Phoenix Technology and customer service

Note:Previously, media reported that a single small ticket often requires a purchasing company to go to the supermarket to buy milk powder and then copy multiple copies after obtaining the small ticket. There is a certain cost, so additional charges will be charged.

Later, when Phoenix Technology checked the electronic version of the photocopy receipt that the customer service said could be provided free of charge, it was found that the electronic version of the receipt was highly similar to the supermarket receipts provided to Phoenix Technology by mother consumers, and there were even at least 3 copies of the same. The ticket time is exactly the same.


Note: The first on the left is the electronic version of a copy of the receipt that the customer service claims can provide free of charge, the second on the left is a receipt in the form of the Mi Bubao consumer, and the third and fourth on the left are provided by mother consumers to Phoenix Technology. The third small ticket on the left was damaged when it was issued to consumers and lacked the name of the supermarket.


Why is the photocopy of the receipt provided by Miyabao highly similar to the photocopy of the receipt that the purchasing company claims to be able to provide for free? How will it prove that its Dutch direct mail milk powder comes from "first-hand supply guarantee, 100% local direct sourcing"?

Why does the promotional picture of the “self-built warehouse” of Meyabao in the Netherlands resemble the appearance of the warehouse of the purchasing company? Where is the "self-built warehouse" of Honey Bud in the Netherlands?

Does Miyabao have the funds and strength to build warehouses, coordinate logistics, and recruit employees in Germany, the Netherlands, Australia and the United Kingdom within 5 months?

All kinds of questions still need answers from Honey Bud.

Yesterday afternoon, Miya Baby CEO Liu Nan posted on Weibo, “Assure everyone that every product sold by Miya is genuine, especially milk powder and food that everyone cares about most.”

At present, consumers who have purchased milk powder purchased from overseas have asked Miyabao to return the product, but Miyabao has always stated that the milk powder is directly mailed from the place of production to consumers, and it is 100% genuine and not returned.

Concluding remarks: One hundred thousand honey powder mothers have achieved a lot of money in the month when the honey bud baby went online, the transaction volume exceeded XNUMX million. At the moment of being questioned, I hope that the honey bud baby will give mothers an answer. After all, every mother wants her baby to eat clearly.

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