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I have been in Australia for almost ten years. I used to be unwilling and often asked myself: Why do I want to immigrate overseas?

Chinese immigration started very difficult. When I first arrived in a foreign country, I couldn’t hear Australian accents. I didn’t have any relatives or friends, but I dared to move my family all over the world. I was burdened with huge immigration debts. Back engineers sitting in high-end office buildings still feel that they will never be integrated into the mainstream society.

After studying in the local area for a few years, you can find senior white-collar jobs. There is no problem at work, and there is no obstacle to one-on-one conversations with colleagues. However, the happily chatting with colleagues next to you can be inexplicable. I can’t learn a lot from them. For example, watching a rugby game is more important than fate. For example, drinking a glass of wine (without wine and vegetables) every weekend can be soaked until midnight. For example, I will book air tickets and travel to hotels a year earlier. false…….

But I gradually fell in love with Australia, why not be a "turtle"? Every time I ask myself, just like when I asked "Why do I want to immigrate", there is always no answer.

Today I saw a few sets of figures comparing the lives of China and Australia. I suddenly realized why I like Australia. Everyone here has equal life-long protection. I like Australia's peaceful life. Here, you drive a brand-new BMW car is nothing to brag about. I am tired if you invite me to play golf. The most miserable pauper is suffering from cancer. He must be treated for free until he died in the hospital.

According to non-experts, the minimum income of Australian workers is about 400 Australian dollars per week, which is an average of 80 Australian dollars per day; the minimum income of Chinese workers is about 800 yuan per month, or 27 yuan per day on average. There is no need to worry about one Australian dollar, which is about six yuan or more.

Take a look at the comparison of the local spending power of workers with the lowest income:

Buying a pair of Nike sneakers, Australia 120 Australian dollars, need to work for 1 days; China ¥230, need to work for 8 and a half days. To watch a Joey Yung concert, Australia 160 Australian dollars, 2 days of work; China ¥380, 14 days of work. Buying a 1-hp Panasonic air conditioner costs Australia AUD 5 and requires 1080 and a half working days; China ¥13 requires 3000 working days. Buy an ordinary office suit, 111 Australian dollars in Australia, workers need to work for 120 days; in China, 1 yuan, workers need to work 400 days. Please have a table of 12 people for a lobster dinner, 1 Australian dollars in Australia, 2 and a half days work; 280 in China, 3 and a half days work.

Buying a Toshiba laptop costs 2800 Australian dollars and requires 35 days of work; China ¥22000 requires 815 days of work. Buying a 2-inch Sony full-flat color TV, 9 Australian dollars, requires 699 days of work; China ¥9, requires 6000 days of work.

One-year Global World airfare costs, Australia 2298 Australian dollars, 29 working days; China 20000 ¥, 741 working days. Buying a small yacht costs 18000 Australian dollars in Australia and requires 225 working days; China ¥230000 and requires 8518 working days and a half. Buying a new Toyota Camry car costs 25000 Australian dollars and requires 312 and a half working days; China ¥450000 and requires 16667 working days.

The one-year gym membership fee is 360 Australian dollars for 4 and a half working days; for China ¥7000, 259 working days are needed. One year golf membership fee, 1800 Australian dollars, requires 22 and a half working days; China ¥175000, requires 6481 working and a half days.

Go to the hospital to give birth to a baby, Australia $6000, the government will give an extra 2000 Australian dollars; China ¥74, need to work 100 days to see a doctor in hospital for surgery, Australia $XNUMX, need to work for XNUMX days; China ¥XNUMX or even hundreds of thousands, need to work how many days.


The numbers are boring, but they illustrate the problem: It is easier for ordinary people to live in Australia than in China. Moreover, the average annual income of Australians is 41000 Australian dollars, which is twice the minimum income.

China’s economy is developing rapidly, but the laws and regulations cannot keep up. It has become an “adventurer’s paradise”. According to reports, China, with a population of 13 billion, has 12.5 million millionaires. Now he has "out of Asia and into the world" mocking "friends overseas". The depressing fact of how 12.5 billion ordinary people live is that the disparity between the rich and the poor has widened sharply, and the rich do not laugh at the prostitution, and even the rich quickly squeeze the living space of the poor step by step, making the poor unaffordable and look down upon. , Can't afford to play, can't afford it! Is Chinese society fair to XNUMX billion ordinary people?

The adventurer’s paradise, in turn, is the hell of the honest people?

It is a good thing to have multi-millionaires, but which one of China's multi-millionaires dare to disclose his journey to wealth? Which multimillionaire can publicly teach his successful experience (I really hope that there will be)? Is this plundering 12.5 billion ordinary people? Suspect that people come to make XNUMX million rich?

There are also billionaires in Australia, but the lowest-income workers also have sufficient living and consumption capacity in the local area, so that they will not lament the wealth. Chinese immigrants in Australia usually have a hard time in the first five years. They need to repay their immigration debts, go back to university for further study, adapt to the Australian accent, learn about Australian society, and engage in manual labor such as factories and earn the lowest wages. In the next five years, I basically adapt to Australia. Most of those who are small bosses, senior white-collar workers, accountants, lawyers, doctors, have cars, houses, and children, and earn the middle income of Australia. After entering the ten years of immigration, many people began to start their own companies, develop real estate and other investments, and marched toward the middle and high income and even the rich in Australia.

"Overseas friends" has nothing to ridicule. Everything we do is done step by step. I can do it. Every "overseas friend" can learn and do it! The difference from those multimillionaires is: We are not afraid of the crime of embezzlement of state-owned assets, the crime of illegal fundraising, the crime of corruption and bribery, the crime of ticket forgery, the crime of scalping tickets, the crime of organizing the underworld... and the police knocking on the door.

I enjoy the peaceful life in Australia. You don’t have to greet your boss at work here. You don’t have to fight with colleagues at work. You don’t have to ask for favors when you work here. After work, it’s a private space. It’s not possible to accompany guests to drink or get a stomach piercing. Don’t be afraid to drive here. Police (unless you are speeding), except for work, you are as ordinary citizens as the Prime Minister of Australia. You can enjoy too much free on holidays here (if you are willing to go out) — beaches, parks, barbecue grills, performances, and here No one in the street cares whether your clothes are brand-name, you can see those wearing three-point styles and fur coats while standing, you can also see wearing flip-flops and leather shoes while walking, no one is surprised.

Although I can't be a multimillionaire, I feel comfortable and comfortable. There are no social outcasts in Australia. The beggars on the street are either bored or addicted to drugs and alcoholics. A single mother with a child does not need to find a job at home. The Australian government automatically remits her account of more than XNUMX Australian dollars every week, which is the lowest weekly rate than Australian workers. The income is still more! Perhaps the work of bringing up a child is in the eyes of the Australian government to contribute more than the lowest-paid worker.

If you are cynical and yearning for Tao Yuanming’s pastoral beauty, there are too many farms for you to rent and buy. A friend and my family rent a farm to grow soilless tomatoes, fruit trees and various livestock, and the income is still considerable; if you pretend to be high , Longing for the life of a ginger fisherman, there are too many seashores for you to fish, and Australia’s aquatic products are also world-class.

I enjoy the peaceful life in Australia.

The article is reproduced from "Immigration Home Network"

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