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Mei Li, a well-known corporate innovation strategy planner in Shanghai, her husband, a staff member of a court in Shanghai. Of course, the most important thing is that Mei Li is a long-time best friend of the old editor, and she has gone through countless vigorous years with her. However, this time the editor did not accompany them to go to England by car. When he first set out, he asked them for a draft, and Mr. Mei said that it was too tiring to write travel notes on the way, and she unexpectedly declined the old editor. Hum, of course, the old editor didn't suffer, and found that the travel notes compiled by President Mei after returning to Shanghai were great. It was definitely a super map of Britain for self-driving. Think of the tragic and strong old editor wandering around the ends of the world before going to Tibet, my friends, if you want to go to England, just take a look! At least, the old editor wants to go--


Britain's most beautiful country and most romantic country road, one of the 50 places to go in your life, the Lake District and the most beautiful self-driving route in the Lake District, Shakespeare's Stratford town, Churchill Manor who likes to meet in the bathtub with a cigar, that The Edinburgh and Stirling Castles where Mary killed by Elizabeth lived, the magnificent highlands of Scotland and the drooling Loch Ness, the lonely heart-wrenching guardian Urquhart Castle on Loch Ness, to It takes a few glances to see York Minster, the most cathedral in Europe, the longing for Oxford and Cambridge, even Harry Potter nine and three-quarters train stations, and the creation of Harry Potter. The table where Caroline sat at the Edinburgh Elephant Cafe was busy for a while...Too many beautiful memories. I can’t count the fingers and toes of the sights I visited. I can only write slowly later, come back After that, I dream of walking in the Scottish Highlands almost every day. I guess I don’t write anything today. Scotland will not let me go. Of course I am grateful. It’s not the live Lei Feng who provides guides on Qiaoyou.com. We are so smart. It is impossible to complete this self-driving tour on the right rudder, so it is necessary to provide us with a guide along the way. Today, I will take a few photos for everyone to enjoy.

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