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Editor Qianji: Xiaobian will use a cold knowledge to open today's news topic. According to data from Doubleclick, Google's advertising service provider, dozens of the top 500 uniquely visited websites in the world are pornographic websites. Among them, Xvideo, the largest pornographic website, ranks 26 in the world, leaving behind the super-large Chinese websites such as Sohu, Phoenix, Tmall and Alibaba. Its 44 billion monthly page views are three times that of super-large 24-hour news and sports websites such as CNN and ESPN. How are you scared? However, the purpose of today's editor is not to make readers worship Xvideo. The editor will talk about the impact of pornography on marriage. Because, in Australia, this popular "non-mainstream video" has become a marriage killer.


A study by Relationship Australia (Relationship Australia) found that one in five couples faces a marital crisis due to online pornography. According to the Australian News Corporation, 21% of couples have lost their trust in each other, and the intimacy of couples is seriously threatened. Internet pornography is the culprit.


It seems that Internet pornography not only has an amazing number of views, but also has a profound impact on the lives of couples. Therefore, China's ban on pornography is actually quite reasonable. So why does online pornography have such an impact? A Peta (pseudonym) from Queensland described his unspeakable concealment.

Peta said that she worked hard for 22 years of marriage, but she was put on the spot by internet pornography. In the end, the husband gave up his wife and asked for pornography, and the wife was miserable. Because of internet porn, her husband has changed. Peta explained that her husband used to be a lively and social man. But ever since I became a "yellow addiction", I was secretive and secretive every day. It's like a walking dead.


Peta also said that her husband now hates talking about what he is looking at and what he is doing. If she brings up this topic. Her husband will scold her loudly. And, her husband began to make some weird sexual demands.

Today, Peta has separated from her husband. She said that if her husband is willing to get rid of this vice and start to rebuild his trust in her, she is willing to reconcile.

A clinic run by Hugh Martin of Man Enough, a consulting service company, specializes in treating men who are addicted to pornography. Martin said that most of the guests he received were sent by his wife. He found in his work that if the husband and wife cannot agree on pornographic consumer goods, they will be considered unfaithful. This feeling is like emotional betrayal and deception.

Val Holden of the Australian Partnership Association also treats "yellow addiction" for couples. She said that many wives likened their husbands’ behavior of watching pornographic films to “have a junior.” They will say something like, "Why look at this, am I not good enough?" "It feels like he cheated and betrayed me." Holden said that consultation is a good solution, as long as both parties are willing to open their hearts.


It seems that maintaining a husband and wife relationship is an art. In addition to facing the real "small three", you have to face the "virtual small three." In the past, husbands and wives always paid too much attention to human juniors and ignored the online juniors, so online pornography has become a time bomb for marriage. In fact, pornography is a fictional scene after all, far from real sex (don’t ask why I understand it so). The editor also heartily reminds that the exaggerated scenes in porn will indeed have a negative psychological impact, make people blindly imitate, and seek excessive stimulation. The final result is that they hurt their true partner and affect the harmony of the relationship between the sexes. Therefore, watch pornography less and embrace life.

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