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This weekend, today and tomorrow, the "Reclaim Australia" (Reclaim Australia) and "United Patriots Front" (United Patriots Front) plan to hold anti-Islamic demonstrations in many cities and towns. Relevant agencies and individuals have issued warnings to prevent relevant demonstrations from turning into violent activities. Victorian Governor's adviser Mei Qi also posted a message to remind Chinese compatriots and conveyed Governor Andrew's attitude: No objection to peaceful demonstrations, but Victoria will severely punish any violation of the law! Anyway, in view of the complex situation, the editor still reminds my friends not to rush around on weekends. People in a foreign country, safety first!10.pic

A former right-wing event organizer warned that anti-Islamic demonstrations across Australia this weekend could turn into violent clashes.


"Reclaim Australia" and "United Patriots Front" plan to hold anti-Islamic marches in multiple cities and towns.

James Gilhome organized Hobart's "Australia Recapture" parade earlier this year, but since then he has left the organization because of disillusionment. "I think the United Patriot Front may become violent," he said.

Gilholm spent more than three hours talking with leaders of the "Recover Australia" and "No Room For Racism" (No Room For Racism) organizations on Thursday. "They have no plans to deal with violent conflicts. They all seem to be more worried about the'United Patriot Front' than each other." He said.

Gilholm said that "aggressive and menacing" videos and statements on the Internet further exacerbated tensions.

"The'Great Aussie Patriot' organization even issued an appeal like'We must fight for ourselves-no timidity, no lying on the couch.' There are many other threats like this. Things." he said.

He said that some online statements even imply that people are bringing weapons to the parade. "Some people are talking about how to hide from the police officers to bring weapons to participate in the parade." But he believes that most people do this for self-defense.

Coalition MP George Christensen's decision to speak at the "Recapture Australia" march in Mackay, Queensland, caused controversy.


On Friday morning, Foreign Minister Bishop was asked this question on Radio National: “Our country has freedom of speech and freedom of assembly, and every member of Congress must be responsible for his actions.”

When asked whether Christensen’s approach was wise, Bishop declined to comment. "I don't know anything about this organization. I have never heard of it."

The Islamic Council of Victoria urged people not to participate in demonstrations or counter-demonstrations in Melbourne.

News compiled from "ABC News"

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