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According to the Times, Melbourne was "woke up" from the biting cold this morning. This was the coldest morning in 18 years. At 6 o'clock on Sunday morning, the temperature in the city remained around one degree and the low temperature lasted for an hour.



"Sunday morning was the coldest July morning since 1994. The last time Melbourne was the coldest morning was August 7. The temperature was below 1997°. Since then, it has never been below 8° until today. .

Melbourne’s Sunday weather is still sunny, with a maximum temperature of 13°. “This will be a very sunny and good weather. You will not feel particularly cold when you go out because there is no strong wind today.”

There will be windy weather and rainy days next week, but the temperature at night is considered moderate. It is predicted that the temperature on Wednesday night will be 11 degrees.

The article is reproduced from "Yi Yi Net"

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