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Australia's 6 most beautiful self-driving routes

Driving around Australia is definitely a great pleasure in life. Surging coasts, majestic mountains, and exotic grasses bloom in front of people in this beautiful season. Today, I will introduce you to the six most beautiful routes in Australia, so that everyone can travel easily and enjoy a pleasant holiday by car~

Sydney-Melbourne Coastal Drive (Sydney-Melbourne Coastal Drive) 1368 km

Sydney and Melbourne are Australia's first and second largest cities respectively. To shuttle back and forth between the two metropolises, the preferred means of transportation is cars. The coastal route between Sydney and Melbourne is known as one of the most beautiful scenic routes in Australia. The mountains and rivers, deep valleys, dense forests, beaches, and ancient towns on the way are dazzling. If you want to see the flowers in two days, or spend a week to savor, the choice is yours. However, remember to experience the local food culture. The cheese, smoked salmon, and honey produced in this area cannot be missed.

Blowhole of Kiama


After this natural landscape was discovered in 1797, it became the local capital to earn foreign exchange for tourists. Kiama Fountain Cave is a cave formed after the eruption of a volcano. The mouth of the cave is 30 feet wide. Big waves from the shore poured in from underground caves and then ejected from the fountain holes on the ground. The huge water column is more than ten meters high, and the waves hit the cave wall with a huge rumbling sound. The scene is very spectacular.

There are many sightseeing spots in Gippsland. The water of Gippsland Lake comes from five rivers. It is close to Ninety Mile Beach, creating a lot of opportunities for water sports enthusiasts, such as swimming, fishing, Rowing and windsurfing. Visitors can also eat in the open-air restaurant or bar by the lake, or have a family picnic by the river. Tourists can also take a walk in small villages near the water, such as Paynesville, Metung or Lakes Entrance. The latter is known as the seafood capital of Victoria and the estuary of the lake system in the region. It is a famous tourist attraction in Australia.


At night, Gippsland Lake glows like a fluorescent dye. After a person is immersed in water or swimming in the lake, his body will also be stained with a layer of blue fluorescence, which is wonderful. This kind of fluorescence is caused by a chemical reaction called "bioluminescence". Once the microorganisms Noctiluca spp. living in the lake are disturbed by the outside world, they will react naturally and emit bright light.


Those keen on wild activities can go hiking in the Gippsland Lakes or skiing on Mount Baw Baw to experience the local mountains and rivers. To satisfy your desire for shopping, you must go to Yarragon Village, where folk crafts, antiques and fine wines are on sale, making you happy to spend money. Another selling point of Gippsland is Walhalla, an ancient gold mining town. The buildings in the town have retained their original appearance in the early years, making visitors seem to have returned to the past. Tourists can also visit the underground gold mine tunnel and experience the harsh working environment of miners.

Phillip Island


Phillip Island, 140 kilometers south of Melbourne, is the best place to get close to the Australian ecological environment. Visitors can visit the habitat of Australian koalas and seals. The biggest selling point of Phillip Island is the wonder of "Penguin Parade". These cute little penguins go out to the sea for food every day before sunrise. After the sun goes down, they will go ashore from the beach and return to the nest in groups, feeding the fish in their mouths to the young penguins waiting to be fed. This spectacular sight is staged on Phillip Island every evening.

New South Wales Route 720 km

If you want to experience the taste of the Australian countryside and visit the capital Canberra and the scenery of the south coast coastline, this route is the best choice.

Southern Highlands

On the way from Sydney to Canberra, you will pass through the countryside and valleys of the Southern-Highlands. Many historic towns here are holiday destinations for Sydney citizens.




When you arrive in Canberra, you should stay there for a few days to visit the magnificent Federal Parliament Building, the National Gallery and the Australian War Memorial. Driving east from Canberra will arrive at the coastal area on the south coast. The beaches here are great places for swimming, diving and fishing. Flocks of kangaroos live around the beach in Durras.

Pacific Coast Touring Route 940 km


This classic route connects Sydney with the port city of Brisbane in the east, and is close to the Pacific coast all the way.

Port Stephens (PortStephens)

Those who like outdoor activities can dive in PortStephens or play four-wheel drive in the dunes of Stockton Beach.


Gold Coast (GoldCoast)

Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast is a good place to watch surfers perform unique skills. The local bars and restaurants are also one of Australia's hot spots for carnival parties.


Byron Bay

Byron Bay, the easternmost part of Australia, is a pilgrimage site for hippies and backpackers. The slow pace of life here will definitely relax you.


Savannah Way 3501 km


This road is the latest self-driving tour route developed in Australia and one of the longest routes in the world. Savannah Road starts in Cairns (Cairns) in northern Queensland and extends all the way toBroome, Western Australia, The whole journey exceeds 3500 kilometers.


Tourists drive through 5 world heritage landscapes, more than 15 national parks, and the longestLava tubes (lavatubes).


Eighty percent of Savannah Road is asphalt. If the endless straight road is too dull, you might as well drive a four-wheel drive vehicle to experience the excitement of off-road driving.

Victoria-Great Ocean Road (Victoria-Great Ocean Road) 285 kilometers

The Great Ocean Road in Australia is known as one of the most beautiful coastal sections in the world, and it is also a pilgrimage site for tens of thousands of tourists visiting Australia. Australia's rugged and feminine geographical features are fully revealed in this 285-kilometer journey.


The departure point of the Great Ocean Road is Torquay, a surfing paradise in Victoria. It winds along the southwest coastline to Warrnambool, passing the cliffs of the waves, peaceful historic towns, and hidden rainforests. park.

Twelve Apostles


These 2000 uniquely shaped rock pillars are recognized as landmarks of the Great Ocean Road. After XNUMX million years of day and night erosion of the sea, the Twelve Apostles broke away from the Australian land and stood close to the cliffs along the coast, standing alone in the wind and waves, waiting for visitors to pay their respects. This unique landscape is especially magnificent at sunrise or sunset.

Noah Fjord (Loch Ard Gorge)


The blue waters and the surrounding magnificent cliffs hide a long-lasting tragedy. In 1878, after a three-month journey, the sailing ship Noah from England crashed head-on into the cliff. Only 3 of the 54 people on board survived. This is how a sunken ship creates an attraction. Today, visitors can not only watch the shipwreck site, but also walk on the beach where the survivors were washed ashore.

Otway National Park


The Great Ocean Road passes through the 12,800-hectare Otway National Park. The valley and century-old trees in this rainforest park bring long-lost tranquility to visitors. The first lighthouse built on the Australian mainland is located in Otway National Park. Tourists board the 20-meter-high lighthouse and have a panoramic view of the southwest coastline.

Port Campbell


A walk around the old streets of Port Campbell, a small seaside town, can wash away the fatigue of boats and cars for several days. Order a cup of strong coffee in a pristine cafe, or order an authentic seafood dish in a seaside restaurant to escape the leisurely hustle and bustle of the city.

Margaret River Region 110 km


Starting from Cape Naturaliste, it passes through the Margaret River area to Cape Leeuwin, the southwestern tip of Australia, with a total length of 110 kilometers. The biggest selling point of this route is the inexhaustible wine and food. Australia's world-famous grape wines, many of which come from the vineyards of Margaret River. Apart from eating and drinking, the whole family can also visit the famous surf beaches and handicrafts of South Australians on the way.



Driving south from Perth, it only takes two and a half hours to reach Busselton. The blue waters of the small town, coupled with 30 kilometers of white sand, have become a must-have photo in travel brochures around the world. The Busselton Pier Long Causeway is a local landmark. The 2-km long dike is the longest wooden structure in the southern hemisphere and the largest man-made coral reef. There is an observation station at the end of the long dike, allowing people to go to the ocean 8 meters deep and watch 11 kinds of marine life under the long dike through 300 windows.

Margaret River


Margaret River is known as the home of Australian wine, and the bright town is scattered with boundless vineyards. Wine tasting in the wineries of the Margaret River is a necessary itinerary. The local olives, fruits and mustard must be tasted. When you are full of wine and food, you may wish to go to the local limestone caves to explore the secrets. The huge caves and the fossils of extinct creatures in the caves will definitely amaze you.



Located at the junction of the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea, the Augusta Coast is the best place for swimming, fishing and diving. The Li Wenjiao Lighthouse outside the city stands on the edge of southwestern Australia, echoing the vast sea, and the whole picture is full of endless desolate mood. From July to September, migrant whales pass by offshore, and Augusta has become a hot spot for Australians to watch whales.

Self-driving accommodation guide



Motels are small hotels that provide accommodation services for tourists traveling by car. They are a good economic choice for self-driving tourists. This type of hotel is mainly located on the highway, the entrance and exit of the town, and the rooms are mainly double and triple rooms. Like most Western countries, Australia has a complete, modern and high-level motel network. Most of the rooms are equipped with bathrooms, TVs, refrigerators, and facilities for making tea or coffee. Larger motels also have restaurants. Generally, Qijun hotels built in suburban areas have rents starting at $40. On weekends and public holidays, prices are higher and reservations are required.



There are many campsites in Australia, and the locations are moderate. There are different standards for camp facilities. The general basic facilities include electrical connections, hot and cold water, shower facilities, toilets and laundry facilities. The rent for the venue is about AUD 10-15 per day for two persons.

The free way of camping and traveling, choosing a spot as you like, is also the essence of outdoor life. However, as this type of travel may cause problems in most areas of Australia, campers must consider it carefully.

Mobile car house


The equipment of the mobile garage parking lot varies from place to place, but the basic equipment includes power line installation, hot and cold shower equipment, toilets and laundry equipment. The rent ranges from Australian dollars $17-28. Many mobile housing parking lots provide on-site coach or cabin rental services, about 35-95 Australian dollars for two persons. Generally speaking, these parking lots are equipped with sheets and blankets for rent.

Part of the parking lot is also planned as a campsite. It is recommended to inquire and make reservations about camping in advance. Australia's automobile associations and state government tourism offices all have camping and camping mobile car parking guide data.


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