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Studying abroad parties from all over the world held an international complaint conference. The conclusion of this conference is that the motherland, my mother, you will always be my favorite mother!

For people who plan to go abroad or wait to go out, don’t say that the editor is unethical, now I’ll tell you about the important things three times:

High-energy warning ahead!

High-energy warning ahead!!

High-energy warning ahead!!!

United Kingdom:

The train is at a speed

Street sweepers in London are generally lazy. Fruits that fall from the trees in autumn can rot on the street for weeks without being cleaned.

The London Underground has no signal, no free wifi, no air conditioning, and the combination of peak hours and summer will kill you.

The withdrawal seems to be 2000 pounds, or you still have to make an appointment, but the machine only allows you to withdraw 300 pounds a day? What does the bank mean? You are short of money!!!

Every day I open newspapers, TV, etc. It will always be London, London, London, and you can only find local news in the corner of the newspaper.

Whenever there are large-scale outdoor activities, in order to solve the toilet problem, many temporary public toilets will be set up. But there is a kind of urinal for men, which is open and unobstructed. It means that all passers-by (both men and women) around you can see you clearly at your convenience...


How long has it been for the bank card? More than a month

The French bakery does not close on Sundays and closes on Mondays.

France had an appointment with someone at 8 o'clock, and that person usually showed up at 8:15.

The uncles and aunts of the French SNCF and the bus company go on strike if there is nothing to do.

In France, apart from puffed foods such as potato chips, biscuits, chocolate, and cashews, there is basically no choice.

It's still bright at 9 o'clock in the summer in France. If you want to drink a can of Coke, the street shops and supermarkets are already closed.

No matter the city center or the small road, there will always be unexpected and unidentified garbage appearing! Liquor bottle residue is the head!

United States:

Amazing heating bill

The subway in New York is as crowded as Beijing

The popcorn sold in the cinema is salty

There are too few buses, right?

I have to apply for public wifi in university

Ebay is really bad, but Amazon is not so good.

Low efficiency and high cost. It is common to see an emergency bill that gets knocked at 2k dollars

Vegetables and fruits are basically quick-frozen because even the fresh taste is not flattering

Generally speaking, the law and order are not very good. There are many crime rate data. In the middle of the night in the United States, I basically dare not leave my community casually. . .

During the time I lived at the University of Michigan, most of the dozen or so boys in the same building as me smoked marijuana and often organized underground parties.


To repair a car and have a haircut, you have to do it yourself, and the labor costs are too expensive.

Foreigners have cars. It is still difficult to stop a car on the road. It is the right way to call it honestly.

Most shops are closed at 8 o'clock, which makes it inconvenient for me to leave work after 7 o'clock every day!

Hair cutting is very expensive. Generally, it is cut at a small shop opened by a Turk for 8-9 Euros. . . So many of the students here help each other to cut their own, either flat or bald.

Not to mention that a bus fare is at least ten yuan, the same German high-speed rail ICE, both in terms of comfort and cost, is killed by the domestic high-speed rail! Even the Germans themselves can't stand it! There are many buses that disappear on weekends.

Example: To give a real example, a female friend of mine found that the cover was broken after ooxxing with her boyfriend one night, and called me overnight (I am a doctor)

I had no choice. The pharmacy did not open at night, so I had to ask her to go to the pharmacy the next day. However, when she arrived at the pharmacy the next day, she found that even the emergency contraceptives required the doctor’s prescription, and she went to the hospital.

But I was told that there was no referral form from a private doctor and I would not show it. At that time, my friend died in a hurry. Later, I finally explained the situation to the doctor to prescribe the medicine and then replenish the referral form before agreeing.

Buying emergency contraceptives in Tianchao is as convenient as buying vc effervescent tablets!


You have to pay a handling fee to save money in a convenience store

In addition to beer and Japanese sake, you have to add ice cubes and water to everything you drink

Tokyo’s winter is not a fuel-efficient lamp, and it catches up with the heavy snow that has not happened in 45 years

The starting fee for taxis in Japan (710 yen) is about 40RMB.

The population density is limited, so basic large supermarkets have to walk 15min+ or ride a bicycle.

The idea that the same taste is good is deeply rooted. Any vegetable can be deep-fried into tempura...it tastes crunchy and crunchy! One taste!

Many ATMs are open for eight hours, and they are closed after school. If it is open XNUMX hours a day, a handling fee will be charged outside of normal working hours.

Local brands do not have a waistline. Except for some beauties that make people shine, other people also wear uniforms. . .

How good the motherland’s mother is, let’s count it~

KTV on the tall

All kinds of zero food

The bakery is open every day

Shunfeng, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai express delivery next day

Great Chinese cuisine is famous

There is a 24-hour convenience store

Only China's logistics can be called logistics!

The supermarket store is open on weekends

Paper books are super invincible and cheap

Trains and buses won’t strike

Omnipotent Taobao and Jingdong

Due to copyright reasons, this video is only available in mainland China

Domestic tourism can do 365 places every day in 365 days.

The speed of urban construction and infrastructure construction, as well as the appearance of the city

There is no need to make an appointment in advance for a series of things like going to the bank to find a customer manager, school to find a secretary, etc.

I saw the WeChat advertisement on TV. The high-end atmosphere was high-end, and it was still broadcast during prime time! Then I told them, wechat...made in china!!!

A few words from netizens poke my heart:

The phrase "It's so dirty, so messy, so lively" in the Chinese Communist Party contains so much nostalgia and love. In my eyes, those messes are no longer disgusting, but a kind of relaxed self-denial and tolerance, just like loving a couple. I dislike the other side, like you and me, soberly aware of her shortcomings, but no longer feel resentful about it. The focus in my eyes is no longer her shortcomings, but the liveliness and comfort that I really attach to~

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