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The editor thanks this friend for the question in Moments:"When your myki card balance is less than 3.58 once, but you touch on, will you be fined if you are checked...?" I think I will check to see if I will be fined!
Discovery of the query process
When inquiring about the truth, the editor was in reddit.com I have also seen other similar cases. This passenger finally received$202.2 ticket. See the picture below for details.
What does the official Myki website say?
Myki official website Fares and Ticketing Manual, I found it"Minimum ride requirements"explanation of.
If the journey is in one or two zones:

1. If there is no myki pass, the balance in myki mustMore than $0.01

2. If there is a myki pass in one of the areas during the journey, the myki balance must beMore than $0.00

If the journey spans more than two zones:

1. Myki pass with the entire journey

2. If there are only partial areas of myki pass, then myki must haveSufficient balancePay the remaining fare.

3. If there is no myki pass,There must be enough fare in myki

Note again, don’t think that you don’t care if you have a balance in the myki pass.
Key points:
The point to note is how many zones have you crossed this journey!

Station partition

In most cases, most passengers take transportation in the first and second districts. The balance in myki must be more than $0.01. The following are some of the stations that are not in Zone XNUMX and Zone XNUMX. So, be sure to know how many zones have crossed this journey!


Editor: In order not to be punished, I still obediently charge more money into Myki.

Article reproduced from "Melbourne Meow"

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