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美国的《全球金融杂志》(Global Finance Magazine)近日发布全球最富有的23个国家以及最贫穷国家排名,最富有国家第1名由卡塔尔(Qatar)夺下,最贫穷国家则是刚果。中国香港排名第6,澳洲排名第10,台湾地区不但挤进最富有排行榜里,还拿下第17名。

该杂志根据国际货币基金组织的数据,统计2009到2013年购买力平价(Purchasing Power Parity)计算出国内生产毛额(GDP),当然每个国家的生活成本以及通货膨胀率还有汇差都会造成统计间的误差,不完全准确。


Luxembourg, ranked second, has a GDP per capita of US$7. Luxembourg’s per capita GDP is relatively high, partly because a large number of people work in this small landlocked country, but live in surrounding France, Germany and Belgium. Their salary pushes up Luxembourg’s GDP, but since they do not live in Luxembourg, they are not considered Luxembourg nationals.

Australia ranked in the top ten with a per capita GDP of US$4, ahead of Canada, Sweden, Japan and the United Kingdom.


In addition, the magazine also rated the world’s 23 poorest countries, 19 of which are located in Africa, the first is Congo, the second is Zimbabwe, and the third is Burundi. Other non-African countries are on the list. Nepal, Haiti and Myanmar.

News compiled from "Global Finance Magazine"

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