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Sydney Opera House, Gold Coast, Great Barrier Reef, Melbourne... If this is your impression of Australia, it means that you don’t know enough about Australia~~ One time is not enough! Kimberley, Amnadi, Uluru... In fact, there are many places in Australia that you have never been to. In these places, you are closer to the ancient culture and know what this continent really looks like!

Davidsons Arnhemland Safaris Davidsons Arnhemland Safaris
Mt Borradaile, Arnhmeland, Nothern Territory

In the northernmost part of Australia, at the northwest corner of Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory, lies an inaccessible subtropical savanna, the Borradaile Mountains. The rugged ridges and idyllic pools are a very sacred place for the local aborigines. They are the embodiment of their ancestors. The streams, rock shelters and caves here have been their homes since XNUMX years ago. And left world-class rock art.

640-43In order to respect the aboriginal culture, this wilderness has been registered as a protected area. Tourists need to apply in advance and get permission to visit.To get here, you usually take a light plane from Darwin, the capital city of the Northern Territory, and it takes about 50 minutes to arrive. The scenery outside the window is great along the way. On the way, I will fly over the World Heritage Site Kakadu National Park and see the wetlands and the wildest coastline!


Uluru Aboriginal Tours Uluru Aboriginal Tours
Uluru, Nothern Territory

Heading to Uluru, you can understand why the rocks and surrounding land have such profound spiritual significance to the indigenous people of Anangu. Uluru, which is 348 meters high, rises from the vast desert deep in central Australia. Its color changes with the light and weather. Especially at sunrise or sunset, the color is especially magical and magnificent. Uluru also makes people flock to it.
During the day, under the guidance of the Anangu guide, walk around the bottom of Uluru to learn how it was created by the spiritual ancestors in the dream period. In addition to hiking, taking a Harley motorcycle, a camel or a sightseeing helicopter are all good choices to see Uluru. At dusk, you can sip champagne in the afterglow of the sunset, and then enjoy a campfire dinner with Australian lungfish (barramundi), emu or kangaroo meat as the main dishes under the starlit night sky.640-46

Mossman Gorge Centre Mossman Gorge Centre
Mossman, Queensland

From the Mossman Gorge Centre (Mossman Gorge Centre) as a starting point, you must follow the aboriginal Kuku Yalanji (Kuku Yalanji) here on a walking tour to explore the Daintree World Heritage Rainforest (Daintree World Heritage Rainforest) ). Take a boat down the Daintree River, with dense mangroves standing on both sides of the river. In the crystal clear stream, you will encounter crocodiles and turtles from time to time until the rainforest is pure. And warm tropical waters. Near the Cape of Tribulation to the north, the rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef meet here, forming the only place in the world where two World Natural Heritage Protected Areas meet.640-47Along the way, you can learn with the aborigines how they obtained food, herbs, and spiritual sustenance from the rain forest for over 9 years. Follow them to learn how to capture Australian lungfish, make traditional cuisine, and learn about the five unique seasons of the Kukuyarangi people.


Kooljaman at Cape Leveque Kooljaman at Cape Leveque
Kimberley, Western Australia

Depart from Broome for 220 kilometers north, drive along the red dirt road to Cape Leveque, where you can sleep in an adventure tent at the Kooljaman aboriginal wilderness camp In a wooden house or a paper tree house.You can enjoy the beautiful coastline, and then take part in snorkeling, fishing, and walking on the reef. Or might as well take a small cultural sightseeing tour, and ask the local Bardi residents to act as family guides and take you to visit the relics of the past mission.
Brian Lee Hunters Creek Tagalong Tours Brian Lee Hunters Creek Tagalong Tours
Kimberley, Western Australia
Brian Lee is the legend of Kimberley. His planned Hunter's Creek Sightseeing Tour (Hunter's Creek) starts from Kooljaman at Cape Leveque (Kooljaman at Cape Leveque). It will lead you to admire the beautiful scenery and introduce the local customs of living by the sea along the way. And culture.Of course, you can also learn traditional hunting methods, cook dinner for yourself with fresh game and campfire, and enjoy fresh seafood! If you are lucky, you may still be able to see the crocodiles in Hunter Creek.

Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney
Sydney, News South Wales
640-51Sydney Harbour was the original home of several tribes-the Eora, Cadigal, Guringai, Wangal, Gammeraigal and Wallumedegal tribes all lived here. You can start with the Aboriginal Heritage Tours in the Royal Botanic Garden,The guide will show you the secrets of Sydney's local bush food and medicine, as well as the rich aboriginal history and culture, and can taste bush food!


Article reprinted from "Australia Tourism Board"

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