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Melbourne CBD Specialty Coffee Map Featured Top6

With the participation and efforts of many coffee controllers, the map of Melbourne's boutique coffee shops is finally presented. I have tried each store personally. There is no commercial sponsorship or coupons. This is just a simple, independent but reliable map of specialty coffee. Whether traveling to Melbourne or friends who have already settled in Melbourne. Please keep this map, and you will never have to worry about not having good coffee in the CBD.

Top6 are ranked in no particular order. These six stores have different styles and their own characteristics, representing Melbourne's local specialty coffee culture. The whole journey is 4.1 kilometers in total, and it takes 58 minutes to walk. With the addition of coffee, daze or taking photos, the whole journey can be completed in 2.5 hours. However, some of these stores are closed on weekends, please arrange the time reasonably.


The first stop: The League of honest coffee-coffee space made by coffee partners

Address: 8 Exploration Lane Melbourne

Opening hours: Mon to Fri 7am–5pm

Coffee beans: Brunswick East Project

Coffee machine: Slayer espresso machines

Coffee production: espresso, hand-pushed and siphon coffee


The second stop: Market Lane (QUEEN Vic) – Simple coffee style in the vegetable and fruit market

Address: 109-111 Therry Street, Melbourne

Business hours: Mon-Sun7am-3pm

Coffee beans: Market Lane

Coffee machine: Synesso

Coffee production: espresso, hand brewed coffee

The third station:Filter-Coffee meets small fresh

Address: 555 Collins street, Melbourne

Business hours: Mon to Fri 7:00 am – 4:00 pm Sat 8:00 am – 2:00 pm

Coffee beans: Small batch

Coffee machine: La Marzocco Linear PB

Coffee making: espresso, hand brew, philharmonic and brewed coffee

640-10Fourth stop:The Old Chamber – Nostalgic coffee in an old Victorian building

Address: 395 Collins St, Melbourne

Opening hours: Mon to Fri 7am–4.30pm

Coffee beans: Melba coffee roaster

Coffee machine: LaMarzocco strada

Coffee making: espresso, hand brewed and iced coffee


Fifth stop: Patricia-the disruptor of coffee culture

地址:Corner Little Bourke& Little William Street Melbourne (500 Bourke Street 大楼后面)

Opening hours: Mon to Fri 7am-4pm

Coffee beans: Coffee beans are made by Market Lane, Proud Mary, 7 seeds and Small Batch

Coffee machine: Synesso

Coffee production: hand brewed coffee, espresso

sixthStation: BrotherBaba Budan – Inception space controlled by coffee

Address: 359 Little Bourke Street Melbourne

Opening hours: Mon to Sat 7am-5pm Sun 9am-5pm

Coffee beans: 7 seeds

Coffee machine: Synesso Cyncra

Coffee production: espresso, hand brewed coffee


Finally, I added three specialty coffee shops that I personally like very much although not on the list:

LB2 Address: 2 Gallagher Place, Melbourne

Naked Espresso Address: 390 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne

Tukk and Co Address: Shop 8, 720 Bourke Street, Docklands

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