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The following is the content of a recent internal lecture of the National Defense University, which disclosed a large number of high-level statements and strategies on current hot surrounding issues. The article is a bit long, but there are a lot of hard materials:

1. No big country like China has the East China Sea issue and the South China Sea issue one after another. It is inevitable for China to become a great power, and the South China Sea and East China Sea issues must and must be resolved. East and then south and south and east are both choices. The road of south and east is smoother.


2. Japan is speeding up its armed forces and breaking the shackles of non-normalized countries after World War II. In the East China Sea, the best way to avoid war is to strengthen combat readiness and use determination to avoid war.

3. The South China Sea issue is complex. Instead of disrupting the war, it is better to seize Vietnam. After defeating Vietnam, the whole situation will open up.

4. The Sino-Indian border issue is not a problem. Chairman Mao’s strategy of changing the eastern section to the western section is expected to finally become a reality in the hands of the current leaders, especially the tent war last year, which demonstrated the ability and determination of the current leaders.

5. Neighboring territorial disputes. China has shifted from strategic defense to strategic offense. The sign is that a maritime police department has been established under the Maritime Bureau. The Maritime Police Bureau has unified maritime surveillance, fishery administration, anti-smuggling, and maritime police. At the ministerial level, one level higher than the director of the Bureau of Oceanography.

Colonel Wang: Talking about the military security around our country can't be done in a day, so just now Director Xu Biao gave me an instruction to discuss the sea clearly.

When we talk about China’s seas, when we talk about China, there is one sentence to remember, that is, Singapore’s former prime minister Lee Kuan Yew, he once said: "The 21st century will be a race for dominance in Asia, because here It is growth. If you cannot maintain a place in Asia, you cannot become a world leader." "If the United States does not continue to participate in Asian affairs to counterbalance China's military and economic power, then it is likely to lose its global leadership. "Lee Kuan Yew's remarks fully clarified the important position of China in the Asia-Pacific, Asia, and East Asia surrounding China. From the perspective of the Obama administration’s foreign policy over the past four years, he basically implemented this idea. From the most typical Obama administration document in 2010, he judged the Asia-Pacific region as the “future center of world power” in terms of situation. The political and economic weight of this region continues to rise in the world. For example, GDP accounts for more than 1/2 of the world, exports account for 30% of the world, foreign exchange reserves account for 2/3 of the world, and annual trade with the United States exceeds US$1 trillion. The proportion of this series is still rising, so in recent years the United States has proposed a policy of shifting its strategic focus to the east, and this pace is accelerating. At the same time, in recent years, the Asia-Pacific rebalancing strategy has been further clarified. The strategic center of gravity has moved eastward, where will it be moved? If it moves to China’s periphery, who will the "Asia-Pacific rebalancing strategy" balance? Rebalancing China is the general trend of the world. The fundamental driving force has become increasingly severe. Therefore, the development of this policy has led to an increasing number of potential conflicts between China and the United States, such as exchange rates, the Internet, and even the Snowden incident can cause a game between China and the United States. Not to mention the arms sales to Taiwan, the Tibet issue, the Xinjiang issue, the East China Sea issue, the South China Sea issue, the Sino-Indian border, and the North Korean nuclear issue.


Fu Ying’s internal speech: Don’t count on the diplomat’s mouth for things you can’t get on the battlefield

Therefore, this series of measures by the United States has caused some real directions around China. For example, the border between China and India began to heat up in 2008. India increased its troops by 6 in this direction. Two divisions and four squadrons built airports, railways, and roads. , What do Indians want to do at the Sino-Indian border? Actually, it is to cooperate with the United States. The Korean peninsula continues to heat up, and the North Korean nuclear crisis has been used as a gasoline point. The heat has not diminished so far. The South China Sea began to heat up in the 4s, and continued to heat up. The Huangyan Island crisis last year brought the South China Sea crisis to a peak. The East China Sea has not been lifted yet. Therefore, a series of changes in China's surrounding areas and the government's response have caused some panic among the people and also caused dissatisfaction with the government. The simple word is "soft", and the government is too weak in its response. For example, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs often receives "calcium tablets." Last year, Vice Foreign Minister Fu Ying came to talk to us and said, "I lack calcium, and I can't make up for it every day. Today, when you arrive at your National Defense University, you are all soldiers. I want to say something, that is, what you soldiers can't get on the battlefield, don't expect us diplomats to bring it back to you with your mouth." This is very exciting to me. I first thought that what she said may not be completely correct, but she said a truth that shocked me, telling us what a truth is? No matter how reasonable you are, if you are not unreasonable in this world No matter how true your military and national defense capabilities are, your rationale is false. The most typical think about the Qing Dynasty, there were two Opium Wars. We Chinese were anti-opium and provoked the largest country, the strongest country, the most advanced and democratic country to come here with guns to punish us. As a result, we were unable to beat others and cede land for compensation. GDP occupies the second place in the world, and there is money, but the cessation of land compensation has attracted many robbers in, and all of them have been compensated. Let's think about it, no matter how rich and economic a country is, what if you don't have a strong national defense? The fruits of your labor will be robbed overnight.

So I have a basic point of view. A rich person needs a bodyguard, and a poor person does not. The poor can be a robber in a hurry, but the rich cannot. A country that is rich also needs bodyguards and an army, without which you will pay a heavy price. We Chinese have a deep understanding. In this sense, if a country does not have a strong army, it will be more troublesome if you are tough. So the traitor is Li Hongzhang's famous saying, "The sooner I sell the country, the more patriotic." Why? If other powers make a request and you agree to sign on the spot, the request will pass. But if you drag on for a week, and the robbers come back and increase the size, and you drag on and increase the size for another week, this is Li Honglu's patience? So he proposed "the sooner the traitor, the more patriotic", this is a weak country. Tragic situation. If a country does not have a strong military strength, do you have diplomacy? Weak countries have no diplomacy.


Embassy was bombed and learned from pain: rapid development of military power

So we have also gone through a detour. We have been engaged in army building for so many years, and the economy has developed rapidly. In 2011, it became the second largest GDP in the world. But just 10 years ago, what about the military power?

A typical data for everyone in 1999 is that Taiwan’s expenditure is US$80 billion and our military expenditure is US$60 billion. I came here since then, so sometimes our big national policy needs to be tested in practice, and sometimes it needs some vibration.

Therefore, a series of "Taiwan independence" and the bombing of our embassy by the United States finally made me realize that this world is not that ideal society. The weak and the strong, the survival of the fittest, and intrigue are a universal law, so the embassy was killed in 1999. After the bombing, our army was on the fast lane, moving forward at a rate of more than ten percent. In 1999, our military expenditure was not even counted in the world, but in 2012 our GDP was second in the world, 1200 billion. The U.S. dollar is amazing. In the future, China’s GDP will continue to move forward at double digits.

The common people have misunderstandings: China is not too soft but too hard

Why the Japanese can't sit still? Noda Yoshihiko was in front of Shinzo Abe. Yoshihiko Noda stepped down after purchasing the island. Shinzo Abe couldn't sleep and he could only fall asleep by drinking brandy. Why? How do you buy the island? How can you worship the shrine? Can't change the situation of dying struggle, this is the general trend of the world. Even so, there are still people who feel that we are not tough enough on the issue between China and Japan. As a person who studies strategy, I think we are a bit tough. This is one of my concerns. It is easy to wipe the gun and misfire, which is a bit troublesome, but now we are aggressive, the Japanese are retreating step by step.


But the people sometimes have very high demands. I only found out when I came here that we all seemed to worry more about the difficulty of fighting and not being able to beat others. This also surprised me, which I totally disagree with. .

As a veteran, I am proud to declare that in today's world, apart from the Americans we can't beat, everything else is really nothing. Of course, we will not fight Russia. Apart from Russia, the United States has reached this point. This is the fact that Taiwan independence elements and enemies have forced us to where we are today and have pushed us on the right path. Therefore, the XNUMXth National Congress of the Communist Party of China clearly stated that the rich country and the strong army should be unified. This is the first time our major policy has been sublimated to the unity of the rich country and the strong army. The XNUMXth National Congress of the Communist Party of China further proposed to build a strong national defense and a strong army commensurate with our country’s international status and commensurate with the country’s sovereignty, security, and development interests. Compared with "the unity of a rich country and a strong army", this approach has advanced a higher goal. My interpretation is very simple. In one sentence, it is "to build an army of a big country that matches the status of a big country." This is the future of the military. But history is history. The common people are not satisfied and even make up jingle. I suspect that this jingle might have been compiled by the Americans themselves. The jingle made up is very popular. Say "In today's world, Americans can beat whoever they want to fight, British people who are Americans, I will fight whoever, Russians who beat me and I will beat them, North Koreans who beat me and South Korea, and Chinese who beat me. "Who am I scolding", my voice is quite loud. If someone like me gets tens of millions, standing there and shouting might really kill a few, but is history really like this? It sounds very reasonable. ,Is it really like this?

So why do the Indians do not engage us but still engage us? That’s the truth, why? Do business with the Americans, because the Americans ask it to contain China’s development, so if you do things to China, the Americans will be happy, and if you are happy, give him a little. Sweetness. So the two countries are playing and buying and selling, but both sides know that the Indians know that the biggest enemy is not China. The biggest enemy used to control it is the United Kingdom. Now it is the United States, the son of Britain, which is worse than its father. Therefore, India is more afraid of the control of the United States, and it still has a more assured view of China. But the Americans are not assured of India. This is Panetta, who is no longer the Minister of Defense. Panetta took office on November 2011, 11. When he was at a nuclear submarine factory, he said this very well. He said, "We are facing threats from rising powers-China, India, and others. Some countries.” It also includes Russia. As soon as this sentence comes out, the Indians are unhappy. The Indians protested to the Americans, saying that we are allies. How do you say I am an enemy. Panetta publicly apologized, saying sorry that she had made a mistake. Did I make a mistake when I said something in the dim sum? No, it's just a wrong occasion. I shouldn't say it publicly, but internally. So the struggle between the United States and India is just like what Comrade Xiaoping said back then. There are more contradictions in this world, and it depends on whether you take advantage of it.


The fact that North Korea possesses nuclear weapons cannot be changed: barefoot people are not afraid of wearing shoes.

There is a major conflict of interest between the United States and Japan, not to mention the North Korean issue. You can see how many wars we have fought for North Korea by looking at history. There is no way for North Korea and China to die. The battle we fought was in that situation. The United States and the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union did not dare to send troops, and China dared to send troops, but you can see that Mao Zedong’s greatness is great here. , We can’t compare with others. The Soviet Union is similar to others, there is a distance, but it is comparable. We can't even touch Mao compared with others. Chairman Mao dares to do with them. This is really crazy. But the military strength is even worse. Look at this is the Chinese Army Field Army, with 198 artillery, 120 motor vehicles, no tanks, 81 anti-tank firearms, and 70 radio stations. You see how many people there are! But Mao Zedong dared to fight in such a situation, and he won the fight, and played China’s status as a great power. In the end, they signed and escorted the war, and said, "This is at the wrong place and at the wrong time." Fought a wrong war with the wrong object", Bradley, chairman of the Joint Council. What about Mao Zedong?

Mao Zedong was happy after the fight. He thought, "My belief in victory came from the fight. It was derived from the struggle. For example, Americans can fight. This is an experience. This experience can only be obtained by fighting. America. People can be defeated and defeated. We must break the myth that Americans cannot be defeated and cannot be defeated." This is the challenge of Mao Zedong in this war, so we are still welcoming the elderly on this issue. Great benefits to us. Therefore, the leaders of China and North Korea are as good as one person. Look at these two people, the old man is hugging together. I have read the internal top-secret documents. The conversation between the two of them and the frankness of the conversation shocked me. Two old men talked about another old man. They talked very thoroughly and made people very sensitive. They had a good relationship. But there are still problems between the two countries, border issues, you can't catch them, too many, our five fighters can't hold a North Korean, why? He escaped to live, you catch him at best A task, so the use of Jin is different. Not to mention the nuclear issue. Now there are five or six nuclear weapons and atomic bombs, and he still wants to fight a nuclear war. We don't want to fight with so many nuclear weapons. It is horrible to use it if we have it. So the Americans feel even more terrible. Not only do they have nuclear weapons, but they also want to get them on missiles. This missile can hit 12000 at the farthest, this can hit 6700, this can hit 1300, and it can hit the United States’ Japan at 1300. , South Korea base, this thing is amazing. So it doesn't matter, forget it, the agreement just signed "9.19" joint statement, it was only promised in 2005, and it was reversed as soon as it was completed, and it was reversed when it was reached in 2012. So when Obama came to power, he thought about advancing the relationship, but he was fooled by Kim Jong-un, so now he lost his enthusiasm for talking with him. But this country is extremely poor, as you can tell by looking at this photo. So North Korea is really like what Peng Dehuai said, "When you hand over a neighbor like North Korea, you get hot rice cakes on your heels. It's hard to feel." So there is no way. China has too many variables on North Korea. We are peaceful and friendly. Interference in internal affairs. But I firmly believe that North Korea has nuclear weapons. I believe that unless he throws them madly, it is estimated that they may be thrown at South Korea, and the possibility of throwing at Japan is extremely high. So from this point of view, who is the trouble with North Korea’s atomic bomb? It’s everyone’s, but the bigger trouble is not our China’s. So we have to look at this dialectically, and the denuclearization of North Korea is a dream that cannot be realized. Dream of giving up after having nuclear weapons, have you ever? Haven’t seen the second one in history, North Korea will become the first? Especially when Saddam and Gaddafi were killed, both of these boys developed nuclear weapons If you give up, you will all be killed. Not only you are killed, but your family is killed. Can people who have nuclear weapons in front of this give up? Impossible. So I think our policy towards North Korea should understand from the heart that nuclearization is already unchangeable. This is the basic condition for your North Korea policy. If you don't accept this, you can't talk.

The nine-dash line in the South China Sea is not hegemonic: it was China's exchange for the blood of 2200 million people. The problems on land are troublesome, but I think so far, China has not seen any major trouble on land. The real trouble comes from the sea. Maritime problems have been for many years. On land, we have 14 neighboring countries, and we have demarcated borders with 12, and two of them are not drawn, namely India and Bhutan. However, there are more maritime neighbors, and none of the 8 maritime neighbors. It is not a disputed country. The disputed area reaches 150 million, accounting for more than half of the 300 million. We have disputes in the Yellow Sea, East China Sea and South China Sea. Today I want to focus on the South China Sea and the East China Sea.


The South China Sea is a semi-enclosed marginal sea with a total area of ​​about 350 million square kilometers. 350 million are ours. Our country has announced more than 210 million, which is ours within the nine-dash line. However, neighboring countries Vietnam did not recognize it, and announced 111 million, the Philippines 59, Malaysia 14, Indonesia 8, and Brunei 5. The lines drawn within these five countries overlap one another, and then doubled with ours. The entire South China Sea draws a pot of porridge, the most chaotic sea in the world. The nine-dash line we drew, I don’t know if you are familiar with the nine-dash line? Some people don’t know what a nine-dash line is, and no one has ever counted it. At first glance at Nanhai it is exactly 9 yuan, but the 9th paragraph is not 9 at the earliest. , Is 11 segments, this is the "eleven-segment line" announced by the National Government Fangyu Department in 1947. It is called the intermittent border line, or the traditional border line. After it was drawn out in 1947, the United States accepted it, Britain accepted it, France accepted it, and the Soviet Union accepted it, leaving the fifth permanent member state. We ourselves are the country concerned. This is the international climate when China proposed the "Eleven-dash line". Why? Because China is a victorious country in World War II, this "eleven-dash line" is drawn. Many comrades even have leading comrades, especially those from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who do not understand this line, saying that this is a bit of hegemonism. Where do you see this line? Look at this line, you say you advocate peace, why do you draw this line to the door of others? Why can’t they line your door? Why do they dare not draw to your door? Why does the world recognize it after we draw it? This is our understanding of national boundaries. Sometimes we are naive, especially when comrades from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs go to the Foreign Languages ​​Institute, and then start to be this and that, both in foreign languages, right How is China’s history? What is China’s national history? What is political and military? So sometimes I am very anxious, and I hope that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will come to our military to practice it, to our securities company to practice it, and have more social experience. You will understand when you go to the world to play with others. Otherwise, people say that it’s up to here, why do you China do so? You should tell him why it is so and why I have the right to do it. So my teacher went to the Russian Military Academy to study when he was an assistant teacher. The Russian instructor asked our Chinese students a question, what do you think is a boundary? One of our officers raised his hand and said that the boundary is mountains, lakes, rivers, etc. When it was formed, the Russian instructors did not say anything for a long time, and then gave the Russians' point of view word by word, saying that the border was the result of the previous war and was created. Wherever a country’s soldiers’ leather boots step on, wherever the bayonet tops, the country’s borders are. The borders are exchanged for blood and life, built by fire and water. Let’s think about the “nine-dash line” and the “eleven-dash line.” When we drew it was World War II. We were one of the four victorious nations. We snatched it from Japan and Fascists, took it back, and paid for it. What is it? The lives of 2200 million Chinese people are red, which is a huge price. So no one dared to speak up, the Chinese have the power to do so. But now some people don't understand it. I don't think I have ever been a soldier, and I have some naive ideas about what a border is. Look at China is so big, is it so big since ancient times? It was the ancestors who snatched it back with a little bit of blood, and how many people were killed, so I am not surprised at the current militarism in Japan.


In my personal opinion, it’s right for the Japanese to engage in militarism. It’s their national interest, but we Chinese can’t possibly have militarism related to us, but it has nothing to do with you. You can’t control it. What you can control is what you do. That is, even if you are militaristic, Lao Tzu will step on you to make you obedient and fight against you. So Putin once said that Russia's land is very vast, but no inch is superfluous and he has the ability to grab it. President Xi said that he could memorize Putin's words and that China should do the same. This is our firm position, whoever grabs wins. Therefore, the "nine-dash line" was almost cancelled. This was advocated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I don't understand it. The military opposes it. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has different views on the military, saying it has affected Southeast Asian diplomacy. But we say that the real "nine-dash line" cannot be moved. It involves too much interest. An island is yours, 12 nautical miles and a circle are yours, and 20 nautical miles is your right. Then the 200 nautical mile exclusive economic zone, 43 Thousands of square kilometers, everything in the sea is yours, so much benefit, you can't just throw away an island. Moreover, the "nine-dash line" is not in contradiction with the current Convention on the Law of the Sea. Some people say that the Convention on the Law of the Sea gives the other party an exclusive economic zone of 200 nautical miles. But don’t forget that after the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea stipulates the right to the exclusive economic zone of 200 nautical miles, it also has the protection of a “historical right”. Why? Because our historic rights are in the front, the laws you make later must protect My right, why don't you lose it to me! It shouldn't be. Articles 200, 56, Article 8000 and Article 500 of the "United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea" all recognize "historical rights". In the map published in the United States in 11000 years, when the South China Sea is marked The British also wrote "(Belonging to China)", which is unmistakable. Now that it has changed, it is illegal, and it is illegal to change, because the UN’s international law has a clear law prohibiting maritime exercises, that is, you admitted yesterday, and today you said that the reason has changed and you don’t recognize it, then you are a rogue , You are inversion, inversion is forbidden. So the Americans are the same, except that it is the boss, no one can treat it, but one day if it is not the boss, someone will take care of it, but that is far away in the future. Instead of being close to whoever you are, if you are far away, you have power, and it is also yours. Look at Greece and Turkey. It’s in the Aegean Sea. Turkey suffers from this pain. There are so many Greek islands and reefs in the sea, but you have to recognize that because there are treaties, you are defeated. There are also French islands and reefs on the east coast of Canada. There is an Atlantic Ocean more than 11000 kilometers away from France. There is no way. It is yours near you and mine far away. There is also a Channel Islands on the west coast of France. It's not its own, it's also in Linhai, it's British. More typical is the Malvinas Islands, the South Atlantic Ocean, 500 kilometers from Argentina and 1988 kilometers from the United Kingdom. Can XNUMX and XNUMX be compared? But I'm sorry, if you don't agree, you will fight a battle. After thatcher wins, then It's from the UK, so there is no one that should belong to or belong to another. Therefore, Mrs. Aquino, the mother of King Aquino III, visited China in XNUMX and had a joke with Comrade Xiaoping. Because Comrade Xiaoping smokes a lot, please tell me whether I can smoke. Aquino III’s mother humorously said that it is not allowed to hold a parliament in my place. Comrade Xiaoping just said that I am a special case. Everyone is happy, and smoking is a good relationship. She put forward a bad idea, saying, Mr. Deng, look at the map of the South China Sea, how close the Nansha Islands are to us, so Nansha should belong to the Philippines. Comrade Xiaoping stopped smoking and said coldly, then you can see from the map, you can see how close the Philippines is to Taiwan and how close to China. Don't dare to say anything, can you count it like that? It's troublesome to count it like that. Therefore, in the history of China, it has not been possible to follow distances and nears. After learning a few foreign languages, many of our diplomats only looked at distances and nears instead of some concepts and concepts. This is a pity.

In my personal opinion, Nanhai does not say that there are "nine-dash lines" and "eleven-dash lines". Even if they don't, we should all draw one now. Why? There are too many things in it. You see Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Brunei have made a fortune with it.

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