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Melbourne travel guide: horse riding

Melbourne has entered a cold winter, but the sun in the winter is warmer and warmer. Why not pick a sunny day and ride a horse on the beach in Melbourne to enjoy a pleasant holiday~

Online booking:

There are three or four horse riding in Melbourne. After reading reviews on the Internet, I finally chose the Mornington Peninsula, known as the largest private racecourse in Melbourne-"Gunnamatta". This racecourse is very popular, so you need to make an appointment online in advance.

Gunnamatta Ride website:gunnamatta.com.au


Multiple routes

A series of jungle riding routes: This private horse farm offers different routes, most of which are mainly on some undulating mountain roads, so many are only open to experienced riders. Next, the editor will introduce their popular classic routes.

The most classic route

St Andrews Beach Rides $140/person

Riding from the horse farm, through bushes and sand dunes to the beach, after enjoying the sea view, riding back on the original road, it takes 2 hours.

St Andrews Beach Rides classic route package:

1. Beach Ride + Lunch at The Cups Estate

Horse riding by the sea + winery lunch

Price: 180AUD/person

2. Beach Ride + Bathe

Horseback riding + hot spring

Price: 175 AUD/person

3. Beach Ride + Bathe + Lunch

Horse riding by the sea + winery lunch + hot spring

Price: 215 AUD/person

The hot spring in this package is the famous Mornington Peninsula Hot Spring. If you purchase a package that includes hot springs, you will be given a hot spring day pass directly. You can go anytime you want. It is worth complaining that the normal price of beach ride is 140 dollars and the normal price of hot spring is 35 dollars, so there is no discount for this package.

The three-piece set of horse riding lunch and hot spring is also not a dime discount. The significance of this package is just for convenience. Anyway, I don't want to be hungry, so I chose the horse riding + lunch package.

On the booking page of the website,There will be two time periods for you to choose:
10: 00 ~ 12: 00 Or13:00~15:00.

Friends who are interested in horse riding + lunch suggest that you choose the afternoon one. Go for lunch first, otherwise it will be more uncomfortable to bump up while riding.

Start by car

Based on the flinder train station, it takes about an hour and a half to drive to the racecourse.

The specific address is: 150 Sandy Rd, Fingal VIC 3939

The winery restaurant for lunch is not far from the racecourse

The specific address is: 269 Browns Rd, Fingal VIC 3939

Friends who have booked a set meal must first go to the racecourse to register and get a meal coupon.


Winery lunch

Although the winery restaurant is small, the scenery is still very beautiful. The lunch dishes and taste are also good, 40 dollars is worth it. The wine can be selected, the dishes are preset, and additional orders will be charged.

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Riding stable

Eat and drink enough, rush back to the racecourse before 1 o'clock, the staff will give you a form to register. For safety reasons, cameras are not allowed when riding! No cameras allowed! No cameras allowed! The important thing must be said three times. Before riding a horse, a helmet and a small pocket will be given to you. The pocket can only hold a mobile phone. Taking pictures is not allowed along the way, the staff will help you take pictures when you are at the beach.

Next, the coach will select horses according to your height and body type~


The coach will tell you the name of your horse. During the riding process, the horse’s name is also your name~

The coach told the editor: In the morning, there was a famous girl who didn't hold the saddle/rein tightly when the horse was running, so she fell off the horse. Fortunately, the speed is not very fast, so it's not a big deal.

The editor here reminds everyone that you must hold on to the saddle/rein! Especially when walking on a bumpy road and running. Everything is ready, we can set off~


After leaving the racecourse, you have to pass a long bush path. The lush wild shrubs sometimes grow to cover the clouds and the sun, bright and dark; sometimes they are only waist-high, allowing one to appreciate the continuous green fields on both sides.

The horses are well-trained and line up along the trail without you having to deliberately control the direction, so you can even close your eyes to feel the quiet nature away from the noise. When walking on a flat section, the coach will let the horse trot up. At this time, be sure to hold on to the saddle or the reins. When the horse is running, people will be thrown up and down by the bumps, and the ass will be split in half...The little partner who can't stand it can ask the coach to slow down.

Go through the bushes and start to climb over the sand dunes.At this time, it was not far from the sea, and the sound of the waves could be heard. The afternoon sun is like poetry, soft and moving.
640-284 640-285

See the sea~
640-286 640-287

Finally, after more than 40 minutes, we came to the beach.
The seaside scenery is more beautiful than I thought. The sky was filtered by transpiring seawater, blue and transparent, and the evening color was faintly visible in the distance, and it was also drenched in sunlight. The sea water that had not had time to recede from the beach showed a shell-like luster in the sunlight. The scenery was not very gorgeous, but it was also dazzling. Warm reminder: The seaside wind is relatively strong, and the wind speed is about 20KM/H. You must wear enough clothes to keep warm.
640-288 640-289
Due to environmental protection factors, the government stipulates that horseback riding on the beach can only be allowed for 25 minutes. During this period, the coach will take pictures of you, stay for a while and return on the same route. It's worth mentioning that the horse will stop to eat grass from time to time during its march. You pull the rein or kick the horse's belly to move on. Gluttonous horse: A girl assigned to a gluttonous horse named Joe, she almost stopped to eat grass every three steps, so we were listening to this girl helplessly urging: "Come on, Joe!"...

Final Thoughts

Summarize the advantages and disadvantages: the advantage is naturally the beautiful scenery, and this experience is relatively rare and quite fresh. The disadvantage is that after two hours of riding, I feel that my buttocks and knees are so sore that I am not my own... a veritable paradise for the eyes and hell for the body!


Article reproduced from Melbourne Meow

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