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Thanks to our advancements in health, education, disease prevention and treatment, Australian men and women have gained longer than any time in history. Statistics show that Australians born in 2011 live an average of 100 years longer than those born 33 years ago. It seems that a long life is no longer a dream, but we still face severe challenges. Today, obesity has surpassed smoking and disease as the leading cause of premature death in Australians, followed closely by disease. Diabetes ranks first, followed by cardiovascular disease and chronic kidney disease, and deaths caused by diabetes account for 2/3 of the disease deaths. This is why lifestyle is so important, and proper changes can ensure that you live long and live well. Here are 33 ways in Australia that can help you live to 100 years old.


XNUMX live in the city
Living in the city gives you a greater chance of becoming a centenarian. According to Australian national health data, the average life expectancy of Australians living in metropolitan areas is 83.6 years, and the average life expectancy of suburban populations is 81.5 years, and the worst in rural areas is only 78.2 years. Higher smoking rates, alcohol consumption rates and disability opportunities are common in rural and remote areas.

XNUMX Moving to Canberra
Australia’s capital region has the highest life expectancy in the country, male (81.7) and female (85). A series of social and economic factors such as more white-collar job opportunities, better education, and better environment have contributed to this result. In addition, Canberra, as a medium-sized city, provides a complete urban infrastructure while avoiding the pressure of big cities.

3 Go to university
A better education provides a better life? In 1976, only 5% of Australians had an advanced degree. The average life expectancy at that time was 69.4 years for men and 76.4 years for women. Now, 26% of Australians have a bachelor degree or above. At the same time, American data also supports this argument. The average life expectancy of white women without a college degree in the United States is 73.5 years, while that of women with higher education is 83.9 years.

XNUMX getting married
Health and marriage are inseparable. Mortality data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) show that almost all age groups, married people or people with stable relationships, have a much lower death rate than singles. A stable relationship between the sexes helps maintain a good diet, exercise and regular physical examinations.


XNUMX A helping hand
The mental health benefits of volunteers are obvious. According to a study in the American Journal of Psychology, giving others more time and help is very effective in reducing blood pressure and extending life.


XNUMX Discharge indoor plants
Indoor potted plants can effectively improve indoor air quality. According to research conducted by the University of Technology Sydney, indoor plants can remove pollutants, purify turbid air, and relieve symptoms such as headaches and eye pain.

XNUMX Relax your attachment to religion
British research has shown that once you no longer worry about immortality, you may live to an old age. Especially for young people, there is no need to visit churches, mosques and temples frequently. According to data from the World Bank, the life expectancy of religiously attached groups is 8.4% less than that of more peaceful groups.

XNUMX laugh out loud
Laughter is actually the best medicine. Laugh as loudly as possible for better results. Centenarians tend to have an optimistic character. So, watch more comedies, interact with friends, and laugh.

XNUMX Explore new areas
On the way you travel, you may wish to consider some sights that are not familiar to you. A little exploration spirit can help your brain develop healthily. This is very helpful for preventing Alzheimer's disease.

XNUMX Check the crash rating of the car
Safe driving can save your life at any time. Australia’s roads cause 1 deaths and 3 injuries every year. If your car's crash rating is less than three stars, the chance of death or serious injury is much higher if it causes a traffic accident.

XNUMX singing
More and more evidence shows that karaoke can make you live longer. Studies have found that once the choir starts to sing, their heartbeats tend to synchronize, bringing calmness to the body and mind. The Newcastle University research also found that singing more can help reduce depression and anxiety in the elderly.

XNUMX Use public transportation
Walking to catch a train or tram, or cycling to a store can help you avoid high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, high cholesterol, and kidney disease. The daily exercise time for Melbourne car drivers is only 8-10 minutes, compared with 35 minutes for public transport users and 38 minutes for walkers or cyclists. The results are obvious.

XNUMX Living at high altitude
People living in high-altitude areas are less likely to die from cardiovascular diseases, because solar radiation in high-altitude areas is richer in vitamin D, which may be very beneficial to the heart.

XNUMX practicing yoga
A study published in the International Yoga Journal found that yoga can increase muscle strength and body flexibility, promote respiratory and cardiovascular functions, improve sleep, and reduce chronic pain and depression.

XNUMX Turn off your TV
Starting from the age of 25, you should try to reduce the time you spend watching TV every day to 22 minutes. According to research by the University of Queensland. The average life expectancy of Australians who watch TV for more than 6 hours a day is 4.8 years shorter than that of people who do not watch TV.

XNUMX Believe in yourself
A study of more than 1400 elderly people found that the belief that they can live longer is a common feature of these elderly people. This powerful psychological suggestion can effectively protect the brain against Alzheimer's.

XNUMX Keep your body balanced
Accidental fall leading to death is the number one killer for people over 65 years old. Simple practice can avoid such problems. Exercises such as squats and lunges can effectively balance the sense of balance. If you add a little Tai Chi or yoga, it will be more effective. Of course, you also need to be familiar with the steps that exist in your surrounding environment.

XNUMX. Support marine research
The closer you are to the ocean, the more relaxed your body and mind will be. In fact, the development of our medicine depends largely on our understanding of the ocean. If we have a deeper understanding of the ocean, we can find ways to prevent disease and delay aging.

XNUMX embrace a tree
This statement sounds more confusing, but the actual meaning is to put yourself in a natural environment. If you live in an environment with parks, green spaces or jungles, this can help you better reduce blood pressure, slow down your heart rate, and relax your muscles.


XNUMX Sufficient sleep

XNUMX. Just enough for wealth
Thirty young, wealthy Australians earn longer than ordinary people. However, according to the latest data analysis from the Australian Fortune Magazine BRW, the average life expectancy of Australians has surpassed that of the 200 richest people in Australia. Modern high standards of medical hygiene will not allow wealthy people to take advantage of more opportunities.

XNUMX work hard
Usually everyone thinks that workaholics are the cause of premature death. But in fact, diligence, responsibility and perseverance are the ultimate weapons to maintain human life. Being conscientious and hardworking can make you live two to three years longer than others.

XNUMX Stay with young people
The vitality of young people can infect older people, thereby improving the cognitive ability and cardiovascular health of the elderly. This conclusion has been confirmed in a study on fruit flies.

XNUMX Have more friends
People with a wider social circle have a 50% lower death rate than those who die alone. Those women with breast cancer who have many friends have a 20% higher survival rate than those without friends.

XNUMX Use dental floss every day
This secret of life extension allows you to spend no more than 1 yuan a week. Studying the cases of premature aging, more than 30% of people have never used dental floss in their lifetime. Keeping the mouth clean can avoid many unnecessary premature aging.

XNUMX Buying a sports car
Canadian research shows that middle-aged men who buy sports cars usually live longer. A brand new Porsche can effectively increase male testosterone levels, on the contrary a Toyota does not have such an effect. Too low testosterone levels can cause heart disease, diabetes and depression.

XNUMX Stable financial situation
Financial anxiety can lead to muscle tension, insomnia, embarrassment, anger, withdrawn, pain, sadness and depression. This will lead to the chance of unhealthy lifestyles, such as smoking, alcoholism and eating too much junk food.

XNUMX Clear credit card debt
The Reserve Bank of Australia shows that Australians owe a total of 510 billion in credit card debt, of which 330 billion is generated by compound interest. The 35-54-year-old Australians have become a generation overwhelmed by debts. If you want to live longer, settle your credit card debts.

XNUMX Breastfeeding
The benefits of breastfeeding are not only reflected in the baby, but also have a very positive health effect on the mother. Insist on breastfeeding can more effectively reduce the risk of diabetes, breast cancer and ovarian cancer. Especially breast cancer, which is the sixth killer of Australian women.

XNUMX walk every day
Lack of exercise will inevitably lead to obesity, which is an important cause of premature death. A survey of 30 people for more than 12 years shows that walking briskly for 20 minutes a day can greatly reduce mortality.

XNUMX Don't sit if you can stand
If you sit for no more than three hours a day, you may get three years of extra life. In the process of going to work, try to stand for meetings, stand for office, try to stay away from your desk, and don’t sit if you can.

XNUMX Quit smoking
There is no need to say more about this. On average, smokers will live 10 years less than non-smokers, and this argument is suitable for 2/3 of Australian smokers. Can you be confident that you must be the lucky 1/3?

2.5 Exercise at least XNUMX hours a week

News compiled from "The Herald Sun"

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