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据《couriermail》报道,国际时尚巨头H&M已经确认,今年年末将在 墨尔本Eastland 开设第二个门店。

Steve Edgerton, manager of Eastland's new shopping center, said that these iconic international brand stores show the potential for Eastland shopping center redevelopment.

After being re-developed, Eastland Shopping Center will expand to 48,000 square meters and become Melbourne's most fashionable shopping center.


The $6650 million redevelopment of Eastland Shopping Center will add 131,000 square meters of shopping space and 350 specialty stores.

The first phase of development is expected to be completed by the end of 2015, and the second phase will be completed in mid-2016.


H&M澳洲部主管Hans Andersson称,他们在今年还将在澳洲雇佣近1000名员工。


News compiled from "couriermail", compiled and reported by Yiyi.com

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