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If it weren't for so many lives in danger behind the scenes, joining the (small TV) film and television industry would be a good way to get rich. However, after reading the inside story revealed by an anonymous porn star on The Frisky website, you may think that instead of filming, it is better to be an overtime dog...


01. Shooting a scene is more tiring than running a marathon

For male actors, duration and hardness are the most basic requirements, especially in large-scale adult films, at least 2 hours at a time.


Of course, if you usually sharpen yourself like Huanxi Zen, you can set a proud record for several hours at home. But filming is different. At noon in the scorching sun, the director hangs you on the side of the fire truck, and there are 20 crew members watching. This may not be easy.


What if the actor and actress get tired halfway? Without a chance to feed them, they drink at most a sip of thin soup made of juice, yogurt, and oatmeal, and they have to endure nausea and stiff under difficult movements.

02. In addition to death from overwork, there may be diseases

The San Fernando Valley in the north of Los Angeles, California (San Fernando Valley) is the largest small film base in the United States. Among all the companies that produce adult films, only one stipulates that male actors allow tadpoles to swim in sets. Whether you wear them before you go, you can see whether you wear them or not. ...


However, in the field of small films, actors who insist on the spirit of gentleman will find that they can't even afford oysters and big waists. Because no audience is willing to see sets in small movies, this violates the criterion of "visual stimulation". This raises another problem: infectious diseases.


At present, the most conscientious small film companies in the industry can only require actors and actresses to undergo high-frequency disease monitoring. When they go to work on the set, they do not check in, but produce a health certificate, which reads similar to the "disinfected today" in the subway. prove.

03. The most worrying: I can't lift my head

In the field of small movies, an actor who says that he can raise his head if he raises his head, and the director does not call "Swim", the little tadpole will never swim out is a god...


But not everyone is talented. If you can't do the above two points, the actor needs the help of drugs. In the rumors, people think that the male actors take pills during the day and turtle soup at night, but on the set, dozens of staff members don’t have time to wait for the medicine to slowly develop its effects from the stomach...


The solution is much simpler and rude than you think: if stage fright is when it is time to look up, the medical staff present will take out a needle and inject it directly into the little brother.

04. Visual impact ≠ sensory stimulation

Speaking of this, there will still be brothers who have a fluke mentality: there is a willingness to have something, and when forbearance is forbearance, after all, the body is honest and the pleasure is fresh.


In fact, the sensory stimulation you can get is quite limited, because for actors and actresses, the basic skill is not acting, but making a qualified shooting prop.


Encountered a stranger on a strange occasion, illuminated by a dazzling arc lamp, and covered with a greasy coating that shows muscle lines. Under this premise, the director will ask the actors to change their positions constantly, and continue from time to time. , Pause sometimes, the man and woman are not satisfying each other, but the camera.

5. After talking for a long time, how about the salary?

After layers of screening, there may be some special students with excellent endurance and willpower who are willing to take this step into the sea. Let's talk about how much money can be made by relying on a strong face and body.


The good news is that the pay for a scene is indeed substantial. Even an actor who has just debuted, depending on the plot in the film, may earn 500 to 4000 US dollars at a time. But the problem is that no one can guarantee that they will continue to receive film contracts.


Adult movie stars are basically independent contractors. In other words, they have to rely on agencies that are both good and bad to sell themselves to film companies. In most cases, the actor may continue to receive the film contract within a few weeks to a few months. When the number of hits does not meet the target, they have to be forced to leave the (Xiaodian) film and television circle.

The article is reproduced from "Illustrated Popular Movies"

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